Day Zero

#13. Keep a dream diary for a month

Another Day Zero goal done. I thought it might be nice to write down the dreams I had for a month, because sometimes I just have really weird dreams; and sometimes I have these amazing dreams that I feel like writing out. So I decided to buy a little notebook in which I could write down my dreams, if I remembered them. I started with this on 1 August 2014, and kept doing this until the 31st. I have to say, I remembered quite a lot of my dreams, I’ve only written down ‘I Don’t remember’ nine times. Anyway, I am going to share some of my (weird) dreams with you in this post.

3 August – I was at a funeral, with some friends, and we were in cosplay (at least, I think I was, my friends certainly were but I couldn’t see my own clothes). And then we were eating. No idea who all the other people were, or whose funeral it was, but there was food. Then, when we went outside we found ourselves in the middle of a festival. It was ending, so we were allowed to take the stuff they’d been selling, for free. A friend of mine and I immediately went for all the stuffed animals and the food they had and ended up with a whole grocery cart full of stuff.

5 August – I dreamt about Allegiant, about Beatrice’s last moments on earth and her first moments in the afterlife. She saw all her friends again; Uriah, Al, Will, Marlene, Lynn, Tori, and of course her parents. They told her she was incredibly brave, and that they loved her, and that Tobias and Christina would be alright. Because they had each other. Then, later on, I was with Tobias as he got a message from Tris it was okay to move on. I think I might have actually cried in my sleep.

9 August – It felt very modern Fairy Tale-ish, and I was a princess (I think I was Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, but I wasn’t sure). It was basically a Dystopia kind of story, and it was about a curse that was killing people and making a mess of the world, and of course only ‘True Love’s Kiss’ could break the curse. I was one side of that True Love, and the other side was some guy I had only met once (in the dream), and we hated each other. Also, I could fly (although it felt more like ‘swimming in the sky’).


15 August – I had a friend who had died, but didn’t know it yet. He just kept on doing whatever he did when he was still alive and basically scared the crap out of everyone. I had to tell him he was a ghost and make him feel better about it, as far as a ghost can feel good about being dead. He took it very well, apparently. And Andrew Scott was there too.

22 August – This time I actually remembered two dreams! In the first one, I was President Snow’s daughter-in-law, because I was dating (or married to) his son. We had just told him I was pregnant, and he said he was very happy to become grandfather to a healthy boy, who could one day take over his place as President. Until I told him it might also be a girl. (Seriously the look he gave me scared me a lot).

In the second dream, I was with the original Torchwood team (plus Gwen, minus Suzy) and we were riding motorbikes. I shared one with Owen because we didn’t have enough, or because I couldn’t ride one, and suddenly we lost the rest of the team. We ended up stuck in a house that reminded me a lot of an episode of American Horror Story, and this dream actually scared the crap out of me.

31 August – I went to school for the first time in a long time (I was welcomed back and everything, yay); and we had P.E. on some field quite far away from school (which makes no sense, because my school was quite close to a football field). Afterwards, we had to cycle back to the school, and I started feeling sick. So I stopped halfway and went to some sort of building that was on the middle of a small island. It looked a lot like a bunker. Then, when I’d gotten some water, we got attacked by aliens (or creatures, or whatever; we were attacked) and I got bitten/hit. I nearly died but I was brought back to life by one of the ‘soldiers’ in the bunker/building.

I had quite some fandom related dreams, most of them reminding me a lot of Doctor Who, one being a mix between DW and The Lunar Chronicles, and I actually had a dream about a textpost I had seen on Tumblr. Anyway, these were my weird dreams, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I might be writing down more of my dreams, mainly because I like reading about them.