Books I’d love more if they’d had maps in them…

As you might know (from my recent fangirling about Shadow and Bone), I love maps in books. Of fictional world (like Ravka, Middle Earth) or of a little town that could actually exist (Perdido Beach), I love to look at the maps and imagine the world/place better. Whenever I see a map in a book, it always gets one star right from the start, for excellent world-building. Unfortunately, not every author seems to think it’s a good idea to add a map to their story, which is why I decided to make this post, to tell you which books would have been even more amazing if they’d had maps in them.

Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden

This story happens in Australia, in a fictional town called Wirrawee. Which is exactly why I would love to see a map of the town. Because it’s not a real town, I can’t look it up on Google Maps and see the street where Lee’s parents used to have their restaurant, or the showground, or anything. I can’t see how they would have gone from Ellie’s farm to Corrie’s or how their trip to Hell went. I loved these books, but I found it hard to imagine all the places they went and which routes they took.

The later books in the series, could have parts added on, like Stratton and Cobbler’s Bay, and the airport, yes I am definitely imagining the beauty of this map already. Sigh, oh well, maybe someone on the internet has made one…

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Not necessarily of the maze, but of the Glade. I had a hard time imagining the glade when I first read the book, and I still do. The movie might make everything better, but I still would have loved a map of the way the author interpreted the Glade. Because even though it was neatly described in the first chapter, I had a hard time imagining the size of it, and how everything fit in there. I forgot about the layout of the Glade almost as soon as I read it, and that is such a shame, because if there’d been a map, I could have gone back to that page and looked up the area that the characters were in at that point. For the second book, they could have added a map of the Scorch, and in the third they could have done a map of … that city they were in, whose name I’d forgotten, damn I should reread this book asap. Anyway, yeah, that would have been cool. But alas.

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

We got a map of Godspeed eventually, but I would have loved it more if it had actually been in the book when I read it. Because it was difficult for me to imagine all that space (teehee) inside the ship. I actually started to believe it might have been bigger on the inside, like the Doctor’s TARDIS, because no way something that big could fit inside a spaceship. I have looked up the map of Godspeed and I really like it, but still, it should have been in the book from the start!


Inside Out/Outside In by Maria V. Snyder

Same with Across the Universe, I had a hard time imagining the size of this spaceship. With a map, it would have been better for me to imagine all the places that Trella has been to, and those levels and everything, yeah, maps of spaceships are just really awesome.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

If there had been a map of all the districts right from the start, it would have been so much better! We got a map in the Facebook game eventually, but still I would have loved a map inside the book; not that we actually got to see each district properly, it would have made everything better. And they could have added little dots to indicate where the arena’s were, and in the third book they could have added a map of the Capitol with all the pods, and perhaps added District Thirteen to it as well. Yes that would have been so awesome!

Do you have any books in mind that would have been better if there’d been a map inside it? Share it in a comment! You can also share your favourite books that do have a map in them!