Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has a different subject every week. This week’s subject is books I am not sure I want to read. That means, books I might have bought, or added to my to-read list (or not yet) that I was really excited for, but not so much anymore right now. That may be because I read a couple of pages, and couldn’t get into it; because of mixed reviews from the people I follow or because it’s an extremely hyped book and I don’t really see why. Anyway, here is my list of books that I am not sure I want to read.


1. The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien – I loved Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, and I would love to read more about the world that Tolkien has created, but I just can’t get myself to read the Silmarillion. I’ve tried at least three or four times to read it, but I never got past the first ten pages. It’s probably just the way it was written, and I know that LOTR was written in the same way, and it took me three weeks to finish that entire trilogy. So yeah, maybe I’ll just listen to the audio book instead.

2. The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – I bought this book because I loved the BBC TV show and the Warner Bros. movies, but that was before I realised that I absolutely dislike classics. I have read about five pages of the first story in this, and I just couldn’t read any more. Such a shame, because I would love to read the original stories, but I just can’t read classics.

3. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Same with number two, bought it because of the TV show and the movies; and because it was cheap (two euros, hello!). I did read a bit more of this book, but eventually I just gave up. Just like with the Silmarillion, I’ll probably end up listening to an audio book version instead of reading the book. Bit of a shame actually.

4. The James Potter series by G. Norman Lippert – If you’ve read my review of the first book in this series, you probably know why. It’s fanfiction, and I am not a huge fan of fanfiction, especially not if they don’t take ‘canon’ into account at all. It took me a while to finish the first book, mainly because I just didn’t want to read anymore. I did say that I was curious for the rest of the series, and I might still read the second book – but I am not sure if I’ll ever finish this series.

5. Firelight by Kristin Callihan – This one actually has quite a dumb reason, it’s the wrong book. I went looking for ‘Firelight’ thinking about that book with dragons, and I just thought this was a cheaper version with a different cover. But I was wrong. When it arrived, I decided to keep it because this story sounded quite interesting to me too, but now I am not so sure. Also, I still haven’t ordered the actual Firelight I wanted to order, oops.


6. Eragon by Christopher Paolini – I got quite far in this book, before I abandoned it and left it to gather dust on my shelf. But I just couldn’t get myself to read any further, which is a shame because I really loved the idea behind the story – dragons and magic and stuff like that. Yes, totally a story that I would love. But I didn’t. And the movie didn’t make it any better, in fact I didn’t even finish watching it because it was just so awkward. Oh well..

7. Fallen by Lauren Kate – I added this to my to-read list a long time ago, but then books about angels started to become popular, and a lot of books about angels (and sometimes demons as well) started to get published. I mentally added these two to my list of ‘creatures I will probably never (or hardly ever will) read/write a book about’. So that was that. Still, I am curious about this series, mainly because it’s being made into a movie. So perhaps when the movie is about to come out, maybe then I’ll read Fallen. (The thing is, I have heard some bad things about this series, so that makes me reluctant to actually buy the books).

8. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare – I hated her Mortal Instruments series, and I swore to myself to never read a book from her again, but I heard from some people that the Clockwork series was actually a lot better (and I’ve also heard that it was just as bad as or even worse than TMI… Eh…) so it’s made me curious. Plus, it’s only three books, which is a lot better than the six from TMI. Maybe I can borrow them from someone, because I am definitely not buying any of her books (what if I end up hating this one as well? I’d have wasted my precious money on it). Or maybe I can find a very cheap, second-hand verison. I’ll see.

9. Uglies by Scott Westerfield – I read a couple of chapters, and then I just stopped. I liked the story but I also didn’t, there was just something about it that made me not want to read any further. Maybe I’ll give it another go, soon.

10. The Selection by Kiera Cass – I’ve heard good things and bad things about this series, and though it’s completely not my genre (it’s not fantasy nor science fiction), I am curious. Still, I haven’t bought this book because… Well, I don’t really have a valid reason for not having bought this book yet. Maybe I’ll do it the next time I’m ordering books.

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