Day Zero

22. Visit a museum in my own country, and buy a souvenir

Last month, my mum and I visited a museum in our own country. She asked me which one I wanted to go to, and we decided to go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I was happy my mum suggested this, because visiting a museum in my own country was one of my goals on my Day Zero list.

It was a couple of days after the NS (the biggest train company in our country) had decided to get rid of the paper cards and only use the OV Chipkaart (kind of like an Oyster Card). The thing is that you need to have at least 20 euros on it if you want to travel with them. My card had more than that on it, but still it refused to check me in, so I ended up buying a disposable OV Chipkaart at the machine (and apparently, you could only buy it at a specific machine, and though we had three machines on our train station, there was only ONE of those specific machines and OF COURSE there was a line).


Anyway, when that was over, we got the train to Amsterdam Zuid, which was closer to the Museumplein (where Het Rijksmusem, Het Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum are). We got there pretty early, about an hour or two after it opened, and as we walked to the museum, I noticed that the entrance was inside the tunnel that Augustus and Hazel walked through after their dinner at Oranjee, so of course I had to take some pictures of that.


We spend quite a lot of time in the museum, which surprised me a lot since we both hadn’t eaten anything before we left, and we were both quite hungry after a while (we also hadn’t brought any food with us, which is not very smart, I know).


The museum was very lovely, and very big, we ended up walking a lot and I took a lot of pictures, including some of the Nachtwacht/Nightwatch which is probably the most famous painting of the museum. We have a drawing of it in our living room, made by my granddad, it looks almost exactly like the real one, only a lot smaller, haha!

I ended up not buying a souvenir in the shop, because there wasn’t really anything that shouted ‘buy me, buy me!’ but after the museum, and after a small lunch of some bitterballen (they’re like kroketten only smaller and round); we went to this little shop that sells American and British food (where I got twizzlers and a chocolate frog), and after that we went to the American Book Center (where I bought a book, ha ha ha), the Waterstones (where I bought nothing) and the Marks and Spencer (where I got hoola hoops).


We finished the night in a small restaurant in our own town, because though we wanted to eat something in Amsterdam; I was a bit annoyed at the people trying to get us to eat at their restaurant, and I just suggested to go and eat at one we actually knew was good. I had this delicious pizza, and my favourite dessert, ice-cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

So here we are, another goal done. I’ll just count the book I bought as a souvenir then, hahaha!