Book Stats: July 2014

So, another month gone! The month in which I went to a museum in my own country, saw The Fault in Our Stars, twice, and the month in which I read a lot of books! (Though still not as much as I had hoped I would).

Books bought, received


  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – When I was checking out Catching Fire, I saw some ‘checkout ‘koopjes” (dunno how to translate that) and one of them was Gone Girl, for only 6 euros. And seeing as this book is being made into a movie as well, I had to get my hands on the book (I love reading the book before the movie, shh).
  • Catching Fire DVD – There was a sale going on at, with lots and lots of products. For some reason, I decided to look at the DVD section instead of the book section and there I found the 2-disk Catching Fire DVD for only 10 euros, while normally it’s 22 euros! So of course I had to buy it! It’s the same one as my Hunger Games DVD, with five postcards in it, and extra’s on the second DVD! Yay!
  • Say Her Name by James Dawson – This was the book I ordered last month that hadn’t arrived yet when I made June’s book stats. I heard about this book a while ago, and was immediately interested because of the Bloody Mary legend. And I really liked this book!
  • Lies by Michael Grant – Like I said I visited a museum in my own country, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to be precise and afterwards my mum and I went to the American Book Center just to look (‘suuuuuure, ‘look”, I can hear you think). But then I found this book on the discount shelf. It was only 6 euros so after checking to see if it was really the third book in the series, I took it with me! And I enjoyed it!
  • Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo – After finishing Shadow & Bone I IMMEDIATELY ordered the second book in the series. I actually concidered ordering Ruin & Rising as well, but alas I didn’t have enough money at the moment. So that’ll have to wait until next month. I was kind of afraid that this book might have been lost in the mail, because it took a long time before it arrived (usually, Book Depository books arrive exactly nine or ten days after it had been shipped, but this one took almost twenty days); but here it is! I actually cheered when I saw the package on the table.
  • Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth – I had completely forgotten that I pre-ordered this when it was announced, so it was a pleasant surprise when I found this package waiting for me. And it is so amazing! (Though I have the idea my book jacket might be too big for my book? Or is it supposed to be like that?)

And as you can see, I got my Spectrespecs! They are amazing! They are just like sunglasses, and they fit perfectly! The only problem is that I can’t really wear them properly when I’m wearing my blonde wig, but I’ll figure something out for that! Maybe I’ll show you some pictures of my Luna cosplay soon… 🙂 (In case anyone’s wondering, I got them from Ebay. You’ll probably find them if you search ‘Specrta Specs’, because that’s how they’re spelling it on the package which is a bit dumb because they are really called Spectrespecs).

  • The Tale of Atterberry by Leah Price – I got an email from the author asking me if I wanted to read her book. Seeing as the summary interested me a lot, I said yes and received a copy! I am definitely going to read this book next month and share my opinion with you!

Books read

And I read several books this month. The italicized titles are books I am still reading. Books with a * behind it are re-reads.

Next month:

  • Reread Allegiant – Though I’ve read both Divergent and Insurgent at least three or four times, I have read Allegiant only once, because it broke my heart. I am planning on rereading Allegiant another time after my reread of Insurgent, because of course I need to finish the story. Edit: Done
  • Read Siege & Storm and Ruin & Rising – I loved Shadow & Bone, and I hope that the other two books in the series will be as amazing as the first one. I got a copy of Siege & Storm already, as you could see, but I had to wait with Ruin & Rising because what if I don’t like Siege & Storm (if it’s like S&B I will definitely love it, but still you never know); anyway, I am going to order it next month when I’ve finished Siege & Storm! Edit: Done
  • Watch Maleficent and write a review about it – As a huge Sleeping Beauty fan, I am shocked that I still haven’t seen Maleficent. I hope that if it’s still in the cinemas in August, that I can find someone who wants to come with me.
  • Watch Guardians of the Galaxy and write a review about it – Lee Pace and Karen Gillan as baddies in a Marvel movie. YES PLEASE!
  • Edit my NaNo story – I got to 25,000 words around 12 July and completely abandoned the story after that even though it wasn’t even close to being finished. I will definitely write some more in August and try to edit it a bit. Maybe I’ll use it for November’s NaNo as well, though that might be considered cheating (?)

And that’s all for now! I’ll see you next month!