Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Blogging/Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has a different subject every week. This week’s subject is your top ten blogging confessions. I’m going to try my best to get to ten, but I am not sure if I can do that.. 

1. I am very, very bad at answering other people’s comments. I try my best to comment back, but most of the time I just give up because I can’t think of a good thing to answer, and I feel awful about it. I am going to try to comment on other people’s blogs more often, and answer comments I get on my blog as well!

2. I love my blog, I really do, but sometimes (like once or twice a month) I’m like ‘gosh, this theme is actually really ugly). And then I go on a quest to find a new theme. Sometimes I do this once a week, though I hardly ever change it because I have those moments where I just have a specific idea in my mind and I can’t find it anywhere. And I can’t make themes myself. (And personally I think most theme makers are really really expensive (I get it, but for me it’s too expensive)).

3. I find it very hard to keep a blog to just one subject. At first, I wanted this to be my online diary blog, then I decided I wanted to post my photography as well; then I moved to blogger for a while, and later I moved back to a self-hosted wordpress blog. After that I decided I wanted to blog about books, but now it’s more of a book/movie/TV show blog; because I realised that those three things are the things I love to talk about the most.

4. Personally I prefer blogging in English, because that’s easier for me (even though I am 100% Dutch); but at some points I just feel like blogging in Dutch because some blogs just work better in Dutch in my opinion. But I’d rather not have an entire Dutch blog, because I would love to share it with people all around the world (seeing as I have some foreign friends). Maybe I’ll make a Dutch post once a month… Or maybe not…

5. I can’t make decisions. Like with the themes, I keep on changing stuff. Sometimes it’s simple things, like the header or the social media icons in the sidebar; and sometimes I just decide to change all the feature images on blogs (or choose a theme with/without feature images while the previous theme was the other way around).


6. I would love to make videos for my blog, but I would probably get words tangled up and end up not looking at the camera at all. I’d probably end up hating my voice, deleting the video and never make something again. Also, I don’t know how to edit a video. I’ve done it once, when I interviewed the two potential new singers of my favourite band, but I struggled with the program so much that I decided to NEVER do that to myself again.

So those were my six blogging confessions. Seeing as I couldn’t make up anything else, I decided to add four bookish confessions to it. This was another subject a while ago, which I didn’t do because I didn’t to TTT back then (or I just skipped this one, I don’t remember). Anyway, here are some bookish confessions.

1. My books look bad. I hear a lot of people take good care of their books; never cracking the spine, always making sure the dust jackets are on their books. But I intentionally crack the spine of my books so I can read them better, I don’t really care about dust jackets (though I still have them around my hardcover books because they are all black without them). My Dutch Harry Potter books are filled with stains and loose pages… But I just love them so much. (And I want people to see that I loved these books).

2. Sometimes, I finish book series that I love in my e-reader, and then I only have one or two books of the series on my shelf. I am kind of annoyed by this myself, but every time I buy books, I never buy the books that I need in that series, because I’ve already read them. I am planning on completing all the incomplete book series on my shelf though. One day.

3. I don’t get people who buy ebooks that cost more than 5 euros. Honestly. Some of the Dutch online stores that I buy my books at sometimes, sell their ebooks for almost the same price as their paperbacks and I just don’t get why a person would spend that amount of money on a digital version of the book, while you might as well get the paperback which is probably a lot nicer to read. (This is why I hardly ever buy ebooks anymore, and if I do I mostly just buy novellas).

4. When I can’t find a bookmark, I use other things to hold my place in a book. Pieces of paper, earbuds, pens, pencils, my phone; or I just put them down with the cover up (and leave them like that for a looooooooooong time). Which is kind of funny, seeing as I am drowning in bookmarks. I get a lot from the Book Depository, and I have two magnetic bookmarks from the Hobbit, a couple from my local bookstore and some I printed out myself.. (But I am too lazy to reach for them when I’m reading a book).

And those were my blogging/bookish confessions. What are yours? Share them in a comment (I’ll try my best to answer them, haha) and I’ll check them out!