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Delirium trailer

Last year somewhere, it was announced that Lauren Oliver’s book Delirium would be made into a TV series. I was very excited, because I really liked TV shows and I had loved Delirium. But alas, after the first season was filmed and offered to a TV channel, they didn’t take it. And so we never got to see the series. But now, Hulu has decided to buy the series and put it on their website for a limited time! We even got a trailer! Edit: So apparently, we’re only getting the pilot episode, though the trailer made it look like they filmed the entire book, maybe in the future, if the pilot episode gets enough views, they will release (or make, I don’t know) more episodes!

Delirium will be available on 20 June, for a limited time (don’t know for how long…). You can find it by clicking this link! Unfortunately, Hulu isn’t available in my country, but there are ways around it, so I am definitely going to watch it when it’s online on 20 June. Are you?