Behind the Scenes

HobbitCon 2014, Day four

The last day, nobody really felt like going, nobody really felt like cosplaying (but we still did), and nobody really did anything.

We went to breakfast early, with our books already with us, because we were going for another autograph session. I wanted to get the autograph of Jed Brophy, and we realised we hadn’t used up the Richard Taylor spot on our card yet. Seeing as the photosessions with him were already over, we decided to get his autograph instead. We ended up waiting over forty-five minutes in his line to get his autograph.

It was very nice though, we talked about Doctor Who for a bit, because I was wearing my Dalek jumper and he really loves the show. Then he wanted to take a picture of Tanja, who was wearing her Tauriel cosplay again. After the autograph session, we hurried upstairs to pack our suitcases, because we had to check out at twelve (it was already nearly twelve at that moment). At that point, I hurried to put on my Arwen dress, and I am really really happy it’s just one piece! A little over twelve we finally got downstairs, checked out, and dumped our suitcases in the piano bar.

Then, we just went into the Con area and sat at the Dwarf camp for a while, because most of the shops were already packing up their stuff, and we really didn’t want to walk anymore. We took some pictures, I handed out some stroopwafels and then at 1pm we went upstairs to get our picture taken with Sadwyn and Jed Brophy.When I walked towards them, Jed asked me what I wanted to do for the picture, and I honestly had no idea, so I ended up having a ‘normal’ picture. Next year, I am definitely going to tell him to ‘surprise me’, because I would love a goofy picture with Jed. After that picture was printed, we went back downstairs to the Dwarf camp again, to wait for the last photo session, the one with Stephen Hunter.

We didn’t go to any panels, because there weren’t really any interesting ones anymore, so we just sat for a bit and talked with all the people at the camp. At 4pm we got our picture taken with Stephen Hunter, and after that we went down into the hauptsaal for the closing ceremony. It started with a little video accompanied by Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire, which probably made almost everyone cry.

Then, Mark Ferguson asked Graham McTavish onto the stage early, because he had to catch his flight. He showed us a ‘new’ dance move called the McTavish and then he left. After that, some prices were given away, and then the actual closing ceremony happened. There was lots of laughter, lots of tears and lots of ‘I don’t want to go’s. We cheered a lot when Ken Stott came onto the stage, and he said some things that actually made me cry (actually, while I’m typing this, I can feel the tears in my eyes, oh that man is so lovely).

“What did I know? I thought it was just a book, just a story. Just a movie. And then I came here. I saw the love and the hope in your eyes, and I finally understood that it was a fantasy. And you, you have made it a reality.” – Ken Stott at HobbitCon.

IMG_0874 IMG_0902
And I am so glad he chose HobbitCon as his first (?) convention to go to. After Ken, Richard Taylor (who is the founder, head and creative director of Weta Workshop, who makes all the beautiful stuff for the LOTR and Hobbit movies) came onto the stage, and we just gave him a standing ovation.

And then it was over. And then everyone was crying. We’d met a lot of awesome people this year, made a lot of new friends, and nobody wanted to go home. We stood there in a large group, talking and hugging, and then a group picture was made, which is probably the most amazing picture of the entire convention.


Tanja and I went back to the trainstation, where we met three other girls. Two of them left a bit earlier than us, but one of them happened to have the same train back to Amsterdam as we had. So we traveled together until we finally said goodbye to each other at Amsterdam Central. There, we were picked up by my dad.

I really hope there will be a HobbitCon ~~DREI~~ and I really really hope everyone who was there this year will come again next year!

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