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There will be a lot of nice movies in the cinema this year, and next year. One of the reasons I’m probably going to buy a Pathé Unlimited Card, is that there is a Pathé cinema in Haarlem since this year, and that’s only fifteen minutes away for me. In this post I’ll show you all the movies that I would like to see.

Snow White and the Huntsman – in cinema’s now

Honestly, I don’t like Kristen Stewart, but I kind of want to see this movie because I enjoyed the Disney verison of Snow White, and I would love to see what this verison will be like. I’ll probably wait for the DVD to be released though, because I am afraid it will disappoint. // IMDBTrailer

Brave – 25 July

The newest movie by Disney about a Scottish princess who does not want to get married. She’d rather be an archer and be ‘free’ than be a princess. The trailer looks really cool, and there is something about a bear, and gods those accents are just amazing! // IMDBTrailer

House At the End of the Street – 18 October

Okay yes, this is a horror movie, and yes I don’t like horror movies.. But I really like Jennifer Lawrence as an actress, so I am willing to sacrifice a few nights of sleep to see this movie. The trailer looks really cool and yeah I guess I might just watch this at home with all the lights on, or perhaps even in the middle of the day. // IMDBTrailer

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 25 oktober

I honestly haven’t read this book yet, but I will try to do that asap. But I have just watched the trailer for this movie, and I thought it was really cool. And it has Logan Lerman and Emma Watson in it, who are both amazing actors. I’ve heard great things about the book, so I hope and think that this movie will be just as good. // IMDBTrailer

Frankenweenie – 31 oktober

A remake of a short movie that Tim Burton made in 1987, only this time it’ll be a full length movie. I believe I have the short on my NBC DVD, but I don’t remember if I’ve seen it. Anyway, anything Tim Burton makes is amazing so I’ll definitely be seeing this one! // IMDBTrailer


The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey – 13 december

John Watson – aka Martin Freeman – will play Bilbo, so I am pretty sure this movie will be great. I haven’t read the book yet, but I am planning on doing that as soon as possible. Seeing as this movie will be directed by Peter Jackson, who also did the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I believe it will be in safe hands. // IMDBTrailer

Monsters University – Somewhere in 2013

WE DID OUR WAITING. TWELVE YEARS OF IT. For the sequel of Monsters Inc. Yes this movie came out in 2001 and it looks like the sequel will be released in 2013. Or actually it will be a prequel seeing as it will take us back to the time Mike and Sully were in college. I can’t wait to see this, because I really loved Monsters Inc! // IMDBTrailer

The Host – 28 March 2013

No, I haven’t read this book either, but it is massive (and written by Stephenie Meyer who also wrote Twilight..) but I am curious about this movie. This story has aliens who have taken over earth though, so that is much more intriguing to me than vampires and werewolves. We’ll see what this movie will be like, soon! // IMDBTrailer

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters – 28 March 2013

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Lightning Thief movie, because I watched it before I read the book and they changed so much and rushed through the entire story. Still, I hope this movie will be better. They did one thing right at least, Annabeth is finally blonde in this movie (and still played by Alexandra Daddario). I don’t think it’ll be just as good as (or better than) the book, but I hope that it’ll at least be better than the Lightning Thief. // IMDBTrailer

These are the movies coming out this year (and a couple next year) that I am most excited for. Which of these are on your list? Do you have other awesome movies on your list? Let me know!

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