HobbitCon 2014, Day three

Day three started early. Really early. I had a headache from the music from the night before, so I was really happy I’d brought some aspirins. We got dressed into our Hobbit outfits before heading downstairs to get some breakfast. We’d decided to get our picture taken with Dean O’Gorman (Fili) right after breakfast, so we went upstairs as soon as we could. That’s when we noticed how disorganized the whole photo session line was actually. We told the woman that we had Golden tickets, and she just told us to stand in line and wait. Eventually, we were called forward after the Platin ticket holders, but still I really think they could have done it better.

Anyway, we got our picture taken with Dean, who remembered me from the day before. He asked me for my name, and apparently I wasn’t very audible (who can blame me, I sang along with every song I knew the night before), so he thought it was Lisa. Oh well.

After the picture, we went to walk around for a bit, the first panel we wanted to see wasn’t until 12, so we looked at the shops a bit more, sat down at the Dwarf camp and had our picture taken with a group of Dutchies who were dressed up as Fili, Kili (with a walnut crown), Tauriel and Bard (the first and only Bard cosplayer I’ve seen). Then, we went to the panel of Royd Tolkien.

7-1 IMG_0690 IMG_0697
As a surprise, Sadwyn Brophy (Jed Brophy’s son), who had played a small role in Return of the King, decided to join him in the panel. It was a very nice panel in which Sadwyn told the story of how Viggo Mortensen threw a lasso at him. In short: (Five-year-old) Sadwyn was walking around the set (or towards his trailer?) when all of a sudden he couldn’t move anymore. Apparently, Viggo (Aragorn in LOTR by the way), who’d been practicing lasso-throwing for another role, saw Sadwyn and thought it would be funny to throw the lasso at him. But of course, it wasn’t.

After the panel, Tanja and I went upstairs to get our books. She had this Desolation of Smaug movie companion sort of book that she’d gotten signed by some cast members during the Berlin premier last year; and I wanted to get my Hobbit book signed by Dean, Royd and possibly someone else.

Of course, us being Golden ticket holders, we didn’t have to wait in the (very) long line that had formed in front of the autograph area, so we just stood in the front of the line until we were called forward. I bought a ticket for Dean, since I’d already used up his space on my card for a picture, and got my autograph. And he’s such a sweetheart, oh my god. I had met him several times before already (twice last year, and this year of course) but I was still a bit nervous, and I didn’t really know what to say other than ‘thank you’ after he’d signed my book.

IMG_3995 IMG_3996 IMG_3987
Luckily, I felt less nervous for Royd Tolkien, who’s just the sweetest person ever. And I also think he has a really nice handwriting, hehe!

After the autograph sessions, we wanted to get our picture taken with Ken Stott (Balin), but apparently some things had been shoved around, and we missed our last opportunity with him. He had already had a photosession on Saturday, and another on Sunday, and we’d missed both. Feeling very bummed out, we went to bring our books back to the hotel room and walked around for a bit. As we went upstairs again to get our picture taken with Adam, whose photosession had been rescheduled as well, due to Dean’s popularity (they gave him half an hour, while they easily could have given him half an hour of Manu’s PS and then given Adam the other half hour), we saw that they’d planned an extra photo session with Ken at half past 5. So we decided to do a small photo session marathon.

First we went to get our picture taken with Adam, who was just lovely. We’d met him last year already, and I was so happy to see that he was coming this year too! Then, we waited to be called forward for Ken’s photosession. Unfortunately, they tried to shove three photosessions into one half hour; they had added another extra PS for Graham McTavish and Mark Atkin as well. So a couple of minutes before six, we finally had our chance to get a picture with Ken. And he was such a nice person! Immediately after, we went to stand in line for Mark Hadlow (Dori).

5-1 6-1
4-1 9-1
He was delighted to see us in our Hobbit cosplays, and wanted to make a prom-like picture with both of us! Then, we picked up our pictures of Ken and Mark, and went to stand in line for Peter Hambleton (Gloin). When we’d picked up those pictures, we went back to our hotel room to rest for a bit, put the pictures away and went downstairs to eat. Then, at seven, we went to the biggest panel yet. One with Mark Hadlow, Jed Brophy, Adam Brown, Dean O’Gorman and Stephen Hunter, with Mark Ferguson being the host.

There were some funny stories, some embarrassing, but nothing quite as embarrassing as Adam’s story. Basically, he was doing a play where he had to pretend to swim in the ocean, wearing nothing but a speedo. He had to jump off the stage, and pretend the audience were the sea and the fish. It went really well each time, until one night where he got some funny faces from some people. Halfway through that part, he found out his left testicle was hanging out of his pants.

After this panel ended, we hurried upstairs to get our picture taken with William Kircher. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones, because we were followed by a big group of people. I remember William saying ‘just when you thought it was over’, not in an annoyed way or anything, but just well ‘normal’.

IMG_0726 IMG_0760
IMG_0817 8-1
When we got our picture with him, we went to our hotel room again to get ready for the party. There was another band playing, so we just walked around, drank a bit and waited for the ‘real’ music to start. I went to bed a bit earlier this time, because I was really tired, and my feet hurt from walking barefoot the whole day. Our alarm went off at 8am again the next day.

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