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HobbitCon 2014, Day two

Our second day in Bonn, though the first day of the con. Our alarm went off at eight (“Rise and shine, Sammy!”) and we got dressed to go downstairs for breakfast. The breakfast buffet in the hotel is one of my favourite things, though I always end up eating the same (eggs, bacon and bread); only the difference this time was that we couldn’t get coffee and/or tea ourselves anymore. Last year, during the last breakfast, Tanja ‘broke’ the coffee machine (or well, it stopped working for some reason, not 100% sure she actually broke it, but the funniest part about this was someone saying ‘Uh-oh, kaputt gemacht’), so we were joking that she actually broke it and that they didn’t want anyone else to break it, so they brought the coffee and tea to the table themselves.

The breakfast was delicious, and we sat in a corner where all of our friends were already sitting, so that was awesome. After that, Tanja and I went to pick up our cards, bracelets and goodiebags for the con; we’d bought a Golden ticket with which we could get pictures or autographs with every guest, and it also got us the official Con t-shirt (a black shirt with Smaug on it), and a lanyard which is really handy, because you can put your Con-card on it.

Then, we went upstairs again to get into our cosplays. Tanja was going to be Tauriel, and I was going to be a modern/female version of Legolas, to keep all the Kili’s away from her (hehehe). The first photo session wouldn’t be until 12:30, so we walked around the con area for a bit, looking at the shops, the Dwarf & Hobbit camps. We got our cards laminated, so we could put it on our lanyards and then we walked around for a bit more.

1-1 IMG_0369 IMG_0376
At 12:30 we went upstairs to get our picture taken with John Callen, who plays Oin. At first, we were a bit confused where we were supposed to go, because the photo session area looked a bit different than last year, but we figured it out eventually. I personally think this year was a little disorganized. Last year, there was a separate line for people with Golden tickets and people in wheelchairs, this year everyone was put together in one line, and first the Platin ticket holders were called forward, then the Golden ones, and then came the Silver and Regulars. I really hope that if there is a HobbitCon next year, they organize this better.

After the photosession, we went to the panel of Mark Hadlow and Stephen Hunter. I won’t be able to tell you much about every panel, because we didn’t go to many panels in the first place, and I have the memory of a sponge. (Seriously, I am thinking about writing stuff down next year so I won’t forget anything).

Halfway through that panel, we decided to go upstairs to get our picture taken with Graham McTavish, who plays Dwalin. Then, I decided to go upstairs to change into more comfortable shoes; I had been wearing heels to make myself look taller (because I was an elf), but even though they were quite nice heels (ones that I could actually walk on), they hurt my feet and mostly my left knee too much.

3-1 IMG_0384 IMG_0405
At 15:30 we got our picture taken with Royd Tolkien, who is the great grandson of the author (that is, J.R.R. Tolkien, of course) of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. He was such a lovely person, he shook our hands, asked for our names and oh I just instantly became a fan of him!

Then at 16:00 we went into the Hauptsaal for the panel of Dean O’Gorman (Fili) and Adam Brown (Ori); Tanja went to ask a question to Dean about the bowl of walnuts underneath Kili’s head in DOS (it turned out to be the first item within reach to put under his head, and also mainly so you could see his face during certain shots, otherwise we’d have been able to look right into his nostrils). He also talked about the Almighty Johnsons again, how there might be a TAJ movie and he showed us a very, ehm nice picture of Ben Barrington (Olaf in TAJ). (Dean was asked about a gag-reel for the Almighty Johnsons, and he gave a very nice one of Emmett Skilton who had to run into a room while being naked (and I think he fell? I don’t really remember), and then the talk went to Ben Barrington who liked being naked, and thus Dean went to find the picture on his phone which he then showed to us).

After this panel, we went to get something to eat (pizza! \O/), and back upstairs so I could take my wig off (it was hurting one of my ears). Then, it was time for the opening ceremony. No awesome Hobbit girl show this year, which was a bit of a shame, because Tanja and I decided to be Hobbits this year so we could go to that workshop and perform during the closing ceremony. There was a stunt show from the same people as last year, but that wasn’t really what we wanted to do.

2-1 IMG_0439 IMG_0540
After the opening ceremony, there was the comedy hour. The little book we got said there was supposed to be a panel of Manu Bennett (Azog) first, but seeing as he cancelled, we thought there would just be a pause of an hour, in which Tanja could take off her wig (because that was hurting too; we think it were the wigcaps). But they decided to have the Comedy Hour an hour earlier.

And boy was it funny. It was basically like Toss the Dwarf last year; hence it being renamed Toss the Dwarf round two (or ~~ ZWEI ~~) this year. Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow were in one team, and Stephen Hunter and Dean O’Gorman in the other.  They also had names for their teams, but I don’t remember them at all… Anyway, there was a quiz round, with LOTR/Hobbit related questions of course, a round where they were supposed to display certain emotions (like boredom, anger, etc) while playing out a scene in a coffee shop (which was very funny); and there were two rounds that were my absolute favourite.

During Dean and Adam’s panel, a German girl asked a question to Dean if he could tell us his Dwarf name (because Fili and Kili get mixed up a lot), and Dean thought she said ‘Giraffe’. So when Mark Ferguson announced that the third round of TtD would be that they had to do an audition while playing an animal, Diane and I thought Dean should be a Giraffe. I actually wanted Jed Brophy to be a Kangaroo, because Jed is actually very jumpy and enthusiastic, but he got an Ostrich. So I decided to give the Kangaroo to Mark Hadlow. Priscilla, another friend of ours, said that Stephen Hunter should be a Unicorn; and so there they were. Jed the Ostrich, Mark the Kangaroo, Stephen the Unicorn and Dean the Giraffe.

IMG_0617 IMG_0634 IMG_0648
After the animal round, there was a fanfiction round, where they had to play out a piece of Hobbit fanfiction Mark Ferguson wrote. And let me tell you, the words ‘strangely aroused’ are how I can describe this round.

When the game show was over, everyone hurried upstairs to get changed for the parties. It was so busy even, that there were lines in front of the lifts, and we decided to take the pool lift. But that one had a line as well, ugh. Anyway, we got dressed for the parties, added a lot of glowsticks, party glasses and other awesome stuff (like glow in the dark nailpolish), and then we went downstairs to have fun. At first there was a band playing some music, which we weren’t really a fan of, but eventually the real party started.

Tanja and I went into the bar with a couple of others to get some drinks, and there we talked a bit with Graham McTavish. Then also with Dean O’Gorman, who actually recognized me from last year (*swoon*), I gave him my glowstick headband and then we went to get a Fili and a Kili; which are beers with grenadine (Fili) and blue caracao (Kili); personally I liked Fili more than Kili, but that’s not really a surprise.

I think we went to bed at around 2am, with our alarm set for 8am already. Ugh.

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