HobbitCon 2014, day one

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So, just like last year, I decided to make some posts about my adventures at HobbitCon! I wanted to make a nice video of everything that happened there, but I actually was so busy getting my picture taken with the actors, that I didn’t even film at all! So back to the posts with a lot of pictures then!

On Friday 18 April, Tanja and I left for Bonn. We’d bought tickets for the ICE from Amsterdam to Köln, because we got sick of changing trains at least five times last year (and all the delays). It was a bit expensive, but hey, anything for HobbitCon! Tanja and her dad picked me up really early (a little past nine I guess) and we were brought to Amsterdam. There, we had to wait for our train. We’d checked the board and found out that we had to go all the way to the front to get in at the right part of the train (we had number 21); but when the train arrived, it turned out to be the other way around, so we had to walk fast past the entire length of the train to get in at part 21.

And then the journey started! It would take us about three hours to get to Köln, and we’d brought food, music and books so entertain ourselves.

The journey felt a lot shorter than I had expected, but I guess that was mainly because we didn’t have to change trains at all (okay, in Köln, but that was okay), and we were in Köln in no time. There, we wanted to meet two Dutchies who’d been there for a couple of hours already, but they ended up getting into the wrong train, so we decided to just go to Bonn without them. But our train had a delay, and then arrived at a different platform (the one we’d just left), which was a bit of a shame.


We’d prepared ourselves a bit better this time, Tanja had actually printed out which subway we needed to take, so we didn’t have to ask any police men for it anymore. We arrived at the Maritim Hotel a little before three, and we could get into our rooms right away.


Then of course, we had to wait for other people to arrive. All the people we’d met last year were coming too, only they were coming by car, so we had no idea when exactly they’d be there. Our room looked out on the front of the hotel, so when I saw two girls who looked a lot like the two French girls (Diane and Eléna) we’d met last year, we ran downstairs to see if it really were them. And they were! So we had a happy reunion with lots of yelling and hugging.


After that, the rest of the Dutchies arrived and we spend a while downstairs in the lobby, just talking and waiting for more people. Around dinnertime, we decided to go to McDonalds with a big group and after dinner we went to prepare for the pool party!

The pool party was awesome, much more fun than last year, because last year Tanja and I were the only ones at the pool. After a while, it got too cold and we decided to get out, get changed and go to the bar. There, we saw some of the actors already. Some of us when to bed early already because they had a lot of cosplay stuff to do the next morning. In my next post I will talk about the first day of the Con, with a lot more pictures than in this post!

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