Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Bookish Things I’d Like To Own

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has a different subject every week. This week’s subject is bookish things I’d like to own; since I couldn’t think of ten items, I decided to go for seven! So here are the seven bookish things that I would LOVE to own! 


  • A bigger bookcase. The one I have right now is filled up to the brim, and also falling apart. Though I would love a bookcase like the one I pictured, I will have to wait until I move out and get my own place (which could take a while, haha). I am going for a ‘normal’ Billy, from Ikea, though I’m still not sure about the colour.
  • A little clip-on reading light. I love reading in bed, but the reading light I use now is a bit annoying, and the other light I have in the room has the light switch all the way on the other side of the room. SO I would love a little light I can clip onto my book, or the cover of my eReader!
  • Hogwarts Express bookends. Though I don’t really need any bookends (for my DVD’s & CD’s perhaps), I fell in love with these Hogwarts Express ones. I don’t have a lot of Harry Potter merch (mostly necklaces and t-shirts) so I really want to get some more!
  • Scented candles and/or tarts (1, 2). There are two amazing shops on Etsy, that sell these scented candles with names such as ‘Dumbledore’s Beard’, ‘Impala’, ‘Lembas bread’, ‘Slytherin’, etc. Though I am not a fan of scented candles, I really want to try out some of these, see if they really smell as awesome as their name suggests!


  • Personal Library Kit. I hardly ever let other people borrow my books (if I do, that means I trust you to take care of my babies). But just in case I do sometimes, I would love to play librarian and use this kit!
  • Marauder’s Map mug (1, 2). – Okay, I am cheating a tiiiiiiiiny bit, because they are basically the same item, but still very different. They are both Marauders’ map mugs, though the left one shows the actual map, and the right one turns a different colour when it gets hot (kind of like my TARDIS mug). I love both of them, and one can never have too many mugs!

So what are the items on your list? Share the link to your post in a comment, or just comment with your wishlist if you don’t have a blog!