Book stats: March 2014

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And the third month of this year is over and gone as well. I was supposed to post this on the last day of March, but I wanted to wait for another book to come in, so that is why I’ve only posted this now.

Books bought, received



Like I said before, I went to Newcastle, where I bought five of the above books, John Winchester’s Journal I bought at Forbidden Planet, also in Newcastle. I can’t wait to read these books, I’ve already started in Only Human, and I can say that I love it already (though I haven’t read more than 30 pages).


I received this book from the author, via Wendy from Wensend, and I can say I am very excited to start reading this. I’ve purchased an e-book version of this book as well, and from that I already read the Prologue, and it looks very awesome! So I think this is jumping the queue on my to-read list!

Books read

And I read several books this month. The italicized titles are books I am still reading.

So that’s seven full books and four novella’s that I’ve read this month. A good month. Which books did you buy and read this month? Tell me in a comment!

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