Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Things on my bookish bucket list


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by¬†The Broke and the Bookish, and has a different subject every week. This week’s subject is ten things on your Bookish Bucket List. The list is in no particular order!

1. Read 125 books in 2014

Last year, I challenged myself to read 100 books in one year, and I barely made it. This year, I decided to kick it up a notch and read 125 books. According to Goodreads, I’m currently three books behind schedule, but I’m hoping to get it the other way (getting myself three books AHEAD of schedule).

2. Have an entire bookcase filled with books I love

I already have three shelves of my case filled with books, and a lot of books still waiting to be shelved, but I really want to fill my entire case (with five shelves) with books. I am also planning on buying a new book case, because this one is falling apart, and I have seen one with six shelves, so an extra shelf for me to fill! Yay! I currently own around 145 books, and my big goal for this year is to own 150. Nearly there!

3. Meet one of my favourite authors

Of course, I would LOVE to meet J.K. Rowling, the woman who made my childhood amazing, but there are some other authors I would love to meet. Rick Riordan for example, who wrote the Percy Jackson series. I want to thank him for getting me into (Greek) Mythology. I would also love to meet John Green, mainly because he looks like an awesome person to meet, and I really like his books.


4. Read the entire Artemis Fowl series

I read the first two books when I was a kid, and after that never really paid any attention to the series anymore. Two years ago (I think) I found out there were seven books in the series, with an eighth and last to be released. I decided to reread the first two books in English, but since I finished the first one, I still haven’t started the second one. Oh well..

5. Own all eleven DW 50th Anniversary books

Doctor Who celebrated their 50th birthday last year, and because of that, BBC released eleven old DW books with a new cover. I got ‘The Silent Stars Go By’, the Eleventh Doctor’s book, for my birthday last year, and I really wanted to get the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s books as well. In Newcastle, last weekend, I bought the Ninth Doctor’s book, but not the Tenth, because according to a friend of mine, the story was really boring. But still, I want to own all Eleven books!


6. Own the Harry Potter Page to Screen book

I already own a Harry Potter Film Wizardry, but when I saw the Page to Screen book, I might have shed a few (okay a lot of) tears. I spotted the book in Newcastle, at Forbidden Planet, but it was way too heavy for me to carry, so I decided not to buy it. But one day, I will own this book, and everyone in the world will probably hear me cheer!

7. Get a book signed by an author

Like I said before, I would love to get a Harry Potter book signed by J.K. Rowling, but I’m not sure if that’s likely to happen. So I would just love to get any book signed by their author, because I really like all the authors of the books that I own, and yeah I love getting things signed!

8. Binge-read an entire series

Just spend an entire weekend reading a series that I love. Perhaps Harry Potter, the Lunar Chronicles, Divergent, The Hunger Games, or Lord of the Rings. Or perhaps all of them (not at once of course). At the moment, I am rereading Harry Potter, and I am planning on rereading the Lunar Chronicles before Winter comes out.


9. Read every book on my TBR list

And that’s a lot! On Goodreads I have 294 books on my to-read list. Four of those are books that I started before, but decided to save for later; and the rest are just books that I happened to see on Goodreads, and just added to my to-read list because I liked the sound of the title, or adored the cover, or just liked the summary. On my shelves, there are 24 books that I still need to read. And I have a lot of ebooks on both my phone (Kindle app) and my ereader that are calling out to me, ‘read me’, ‘please read me’. Oops.

10. Spend an entire day at a bookstore

Though I order most of my books online (yay for Book Depository), I love going to bookstores. There’s a small bookstore in my town, which doesn’t have a lot of English books, but of course there’s also the American Book Center and the Waterstones in Amsterdam. I could spend hours there, reading summaries, watching people, looking at books, walking around. But what I would love to do, is spend an entire day (from opening to closing time) in a book store, just reading and looking at books. The people who work at the store will probably think I’m weird, haha!

So, what’s on your bookish bucket list? Leave a comment with the link to your post, or just your list if you don’t have a blog!