I went to Newcastle and I bought…

Yes, like the title says, I went to Newcastle this Friday. By boat. My first time on a boat for longer than an hour (I went to Ameland once but that didn’t take very long). I went with my two sisters, and my sister’s boyfriend.

Of course, I’d made a list of books that I wanted to buy at the Waterstones, but I had no idea what other shops there would be, and what else I could buy. But I ended up buying six books, and some other awesome stuff!


The journey towards Newcastle was a bit annoying, because there was a bit of a storm at night, which caused the boat to rock a lot and we could hear the waves smashing against the side of the boat (it really sounded like someone was throwing rocks at it or something). And I had slipped and fallen a couple of hours before we left, and I hurt my arm, so I wasn’t really comfortable at all.

Newcastle is an amazing town, and I really want to visit it again. It’s got loads of shops, a big shopping centre, which reminded me of Queen’s Arcade in Cardiff (and it made me want to go to Cardiff again). We’d gotten some breakfast at McDonalds, then visited some shops, including the Primark (of course), Boots, Forbidden Planet and the Superdrug. And then, we went on to find the Waterstones.


It took a while for us to find it, but eventually just as we were looking at a map, my sister spotted it. Like I said, I had made a list of books I wanted to buy, and I ended up buying four out of seven. One of the books I had bought at Forbidden Planet already, because I just happened to see it there, and I wasn’t sure of they’d have it at Waterstones. After Waterstones, we went to get something to eat at Subway, and something to drink at Starbucks, and it was onto the bus back to the harbour.


The journey back to IJmuiden was a lot more comfortable, though my arm still hurt (I have this egg-shaped spot on my arm, but luckily it’s not turned blue/green/yellow (yet)). And we were back home before I knew it.

And now, onto the stuff that I’ve bought!


I saw this jumper at the Primark, and my sister told me I’d be crazy if I didn’t buy it. So of course, I bought it. I mean, it’s a Dalek, in London. On a jumper!

Tim Burton is one of my favourite movie makers of all time, and I saw this set of playing cards at the Forbidden Planet. I don’t play card games (or games in general) often, but I just had to have it!

The Primark had a lot of awesome shirts like these (with disney stuff as well), and I just liked this one. When we got downstairs to the male section, I saw a shirt like this one, but with Thor on it as well, but I ended up getting this one, because it looked a bit better than the one with Thor.


I actually went looking for either the Empire, the SFX or the Doctor Who magazine, but everywhere I went where they sold magazines, I couldn’t find any of them. And I wasn’t planning on leaving England without a magazine, so when I saw this one at Sainsbury’s (the last one) I grabbed it! I can now make my own bow tie!


Like I said, I went to Waterstones and spend almost 45 pounds on books. I bought John Winchester’s Journal by Alex Irvine at the Forbidden Planet, because I just happened to see it. But the rest, Half Bad by Sally Green, Paper Towns by John Green, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, Runelight by Joanne Harris and Only Human by Gareth Roberts were bought at the Waterstones. I love Waterstones.


There was also a shop on the boat, which wouldn’t open until the boat had been at sea for almost half an hour (so everything could be a lot cheaper than it is in both England and the Netherlands), and we’d planned on buying stuff from there on the return journey. I actually hadn’t planned on buying anything, but I ended up getting this bottle of Bacardi Razz, because I love Bacardi Razz and it was a lot cheaper than a smaller bottle in the Netherlands.

I also hadn’t planned on buying shoes. But we entered a couple of shoe stores, because my sister wanted shoes. I’d seen these in a different shop for 40 pounds (I think, or 45, I don’t remember), and I ended up not buying them, because I wanted to spend my money at Waterstones. But after we’d visited WS, we entered another shoe store, where they had the same shoes, for 36 pounds! In the end, they ended up being even cheaper (33 pounds), and I am so happy with them, because after walking around in Newcastle for a whole day, my feet were killing me (it’s because of the shoes I was wearing), and I was glad that I could wear some new, better shoes!


And of course, I couldn’t leave England without getting some amazing Jammie Dodgers! I really think they should sell these in the Netherlands as well (okay, there’s a shop in Haarlem which sells British/Australian food, but they don’t have this flavour).

And that’s all I bought! (Okay, I bought food and some stuff for my parents but I didn’t make any pictures of that). I had a lot of fun as well, and I really want to go to Newcastle another time (though then perhaps a bit longer, and then perhaps by plane).