Behind the Scenes

Berry Potter & Plumbledore.

Nail polish brand Catrice has some new colours out, and last week I bought one of them, mainly because I loved the name.

Berry Potter & Plumbledore is a purple/blue colour with some glitters in it. Purple and Blue happen to be two of my favourite colours, so I absolutely fell in love with this one as soon as I tried it out. The blue comes out nicely when the (sun)light shines onto your nails, just like the tiny glitters.

IMG_0231IMG_0234 IMG_0235

The polish doesn’t chip so quickly, unless you work with your hands a lot (which I do, but still it chips a lot less than at least 80% of the nail polishes I own). It needs about two or three layers before it looks best.

You can buy Catrice nail polish for 2,99 euros at Kruidvat (in the Netherlands, not sure if/where they sell it in other countries).