Wreck this Journal

A lot of you probably know what a Wreck this Journal is. For those who don’t, WtJ is basically a book that you have to wreck as much as you can. The book has pages filled with instructions of what you need to do with the book.

I bought mine two years ago, and I still haven’t completed it. At the moment, I am busy with a couple of them, and I thought it might be nice to show you some pictures of pages that I have finished.

IMG_0216This is actually a quite simple one, but I like it. It said coffee, but since I am not a fan of coffee, and I happened to have a mug of chocolate milk next to me at that moment, I decided to use that. Still need to find something to use on the other page.


“Fill this page with circles”, so of course being the Doctor Who fan I am, I used circular Gallifreyan. (It says ‘fuck you’).  And the quote is something the Doctor said in Blink, which I liked.


Write one word over and over, and of course, I thought ‘why not draw a TARDIS with the word TARDIS’?! Then, I decided to make a sort of Starry Night which does not look like Starry Night at all, but hey, I tried.


Drip something here, and because I own about 80+ nailpolish colours, I decided to drip nailpolish on these pages. I was a bit stupid, because I forgot to properly let it dry and so the pages stuck together and I had to redo a part, but it looks kind of awesome. The middle part looks a bit like a face.


Yeah, well, not really internal monologue, but just one of my favourite Doctor speeches. The Pandorica Opens speech and a little drawing of the Pandorica. My handwriting looks really weird though, and I can’t write straight without lines.


Another thing with nailpolish. I made this today, and then afterwards remembered that I get huge headaches from nailpolish fumes. Great. Anyway, I decided to use the nailpolishes with (awesome) names, and I wrote their names here as well. On the second page, the second of the second row, is my new favourite by the way, but I’ll make a separate post about that!

So here we go. Do you have a Wreck this Journal? Share some of your pages in the comments, or if you’ve posted them on your blog, share your link!