Opposites Book Tag

I found this book tag on Zon en Maan and thought it might be nice to do it too! I’ve translated it to English and made some pictures to go along with it.

01. Your first vs. your latest book:

IMG_0199The first book I remember having is Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone), which I got in 2001. The latest book I got is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I like how their covers match a bit!

02. Your most expensive vs. your cheapest book: 

IMG_0200Okay, maybe a bit of a cheat, because these are three books in both categories, but I bought the Lord of the Rings as a set so that was my most expensive buy of around 30 euros. And Magic of the Angels, the Silurian Gift and I Am A Dalek were around 2 euros each.

03. Male protagonist vs. Female protagonist: 

IMG_0201And also two of my absolute favourites. Miss Peregrine’s protagonist is Jacob Portman, while The Hunger Games’ protagonist is Katniss Everdeen.

04. Slowest read vs. quickest read: 

IMG_0202Combined, it took me about three weeks to finish the Lord of the Rings. Mainly because so much was explained, and I got really distracted while reading (I was reading two other books during that period so I’m never going to do that again). Life As We Knew It took me less than 24 hours. I got it in the mail somewhere in the morning, started it right after I finished working (around 4pm) and finished it that night.

05. Ugliest vs. prettiest cover:

IMG_0204I got Morgen Toen de Oorlog Begon (Tomorrow When the War Began) from school when I was 14, and I thought it was an ugly cover then already. When I found out there was an entire series of Tomorrow books, I looked them up and saw that the original covers were much prettier. And I just love Hollow City’s cover. I loved Miss Peregrine’s cover, but this one is just as amazing!

06. National vs. International books:

IMG_0205I hardly ever read Dutch books, so my shelves are mostly filled with International books. I do have some national books of course, including De Tweeling (The Twins). I read it once, and I am planning on rereading it soon, but in English. And of course the Hobbit is one of my favourite books of an international writer. I only read it in 2012, but I loved it so much and I asked myself why I hadn’t read it before (since the book’s been out since the 1930’s).

07. Biggest vs. Smallest book: 

IMG_0206Okay, not really the smallest book I have on my shelf, but one of my favourite smaller books. I just loved Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster, not just because it was about the Loch Ness Monster (which used to be one of my nicknames), but because it was very well written and it’s Doctor Who, come on! The biggest book I read (if not counting LOTR) was The Host, which took me quite a while as well. I did like it, much more than Twilight, though I was not a fan of the whole love-triangle.

08. Fiction vs. Non-fiction: 

IMG_0207Again, I don’t have many non-fiction books, because I’d just rather read fiction books, but I do have a couple of Harry Potter non-fictions. The Lexicon is one of my favourites, because this book is basically just a dictionary and it tells you about almost everything from the HP series. And I chose Shatter Me because I really loved this book, it’s really one of the best fiction books I’ve read last year.

09. Romance vs. Action:

IMG_0208The obvious pick for this category is Delirium of course. This book just revolves around love and romance, and though I am totally not a fan of romance, I loved this book and the entire series. And Runemarks is one of the few books that I’ve read that has hardly any romance at all. Maddy, the main character, is only fourteen years old so that’s probably why. I just loved it!

10. Saddest vs. happiest book:

IMG_0209And of course, another obvious pick for this category. Though The Fault in Our Stars didn’t really make me cry a lot, I did cry during the end, and I expect to cry a lot while watching the movie. And Something In the Water just made me laugh out loud several times while reading. I just love the humour of this book, which is just the same humour they have in the show.

And that’s the tag done! Have you done this tag too? Share your post in the comments!