Book I want to read in 2014

I have quite some books on my shelves (135 in total to be precise), and at least sixteen of those are books that I still haven’t read. I have made a list of books that I want to read for certain in 2014, and of course they include these sixteen books! (I didn’t link the covers to a Goodreads page, sorry).

Of course there are a lot of other books that I need to read this year, in order to reach my goal of 125 books; but these are the books that I really want to read, because I have them on my shelf, or because I loved the previous book in the series. There are some other books that I wanted to add, but they don’t have an official cover yet, so naturally I didn’t add them.

Which books are on your to read for 2014 list? Leave a comment with the link to your post, or just your list if you don’t have a blog! ^^