Behind the Scenes

What I do when I’m not reading…

I read quite a lot, and quite often, but there are times where I don’t read anything at all. So I thought it might be nice to make a blog post about the things I do when I’m not reading.

Apart from working, sleeping, eating, I do some other things that include hanging out with my friends (where we often play Mario Kart, eat popcorn and watch movies or TV shows). I am not a person that goes to a bar or a club to dance and drink, so my Saturday nights are usually wasted in front of my laptop.

The three main things I do when I’m not reading are the following:

1. Watching TV shows (or movies).

I do this a lot, mainly TV shows. I have watched quite a few, and I have a lot more on my to watch list. At the moment, I am rewatching all three seasons of the Almighty Johnsons; a show about Norse Gods in Auckland, New Zealand.

I have also started watching Supernatural; a show about two brothers who hunt demons, ghosts, and other creatures like that. I have finished season one, which I absolutely loved, and I am currently watching season two.

I also still watch Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and American Horror Story, though those shows are now all on hiatus. Shows on my to watch list are: Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, Merlin, Orphan Black, Robin Hood, Pretty Little Liars, and Lost. Some of those have quite a lot of seasons, so I’m trying to watch the shows with the least seasons first (for ex. Firefly has only fourteen episodes and one movie in total).

If you have watched any of the TV shows that I mentioned, tell me which one I should watch first and why!


2. Photography


Another thing that I do is photography. As you can see on my blog, I have a special photography page though at the moment there’s not really anything on it (apart from some pictures I made in Croatia years ago).

I recently bought a new camera (Canon EOS 600D) and I am planning on making a lot more pictures with it, and making some videos as well. I am planning on making a video of my adventures at HobbitCon this year, and post it on YouTube. I might also do some more videos for this blog as well, but I’m not entirely sure about that yet (I first have to find out a good video editing software that I can understand without throwing stuff around).

I used to take pictures of my cats, flowers, trees, a friend that wanted to become a model, my favourite bands. I am still very busy making a portfolio of all the best pictures I’ve made in the past six/seven years, but I have so much pictures and I think I’m still missing quite a lot, so that will take a lot of time to complete. I have been doing photography ever since I was eleven, so it’s really something I would love to do for the rest of my life. The picture is of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, which I made when I went there with a friend.


3. Listening to Music.

And the last thing I do when I’m not reading (or actually also while I’m reading), is listening to music. I don’t really listen to ‘normal’ music a lot, mainly because when I’m reading I can get distracted easily and listening to music with words in them would get me to think about the song, or sing along.

So I listen to a lot of movie music. Music from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Pirates of the Caribbean, and so forth.

I also have a special playlist for when I’m working (because I like to work with music on, otherwise it would be too quiet imo). There are about 30 songs on it, some from movies (like Frozen, and the Hobbit), some from TV shows (like Supernatural and the Almighty Johnsons), and some songs are just songs that I absolutely love and never get sick of. It’s actually my ‘Songs That I Never Get Sick Of’ playlist!

And those are the three main things I do when I’m not reading. Do you have any other hobbies other than reading/blogging? Share them in a comment!