Best of 2013: TV Shows I watched

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I have watched more movies than TV shows this year actually, but I did watch some new TV shows! This list is about the five best TV shows that I’ve started watching or the new seasons of old TV shows that I watched this year. They’re in alphabetical order!

01. The Almighty Johnsons | S1, S2, S3 | Cancelled

I first heard about The Almighty Johnsons when people at HobbitCon started asking Dean O’Gorman (who plays Anders Johnson in this show) questions about the show. I looked it up and found out that it was a show about Norse Gods in New Zealand, and that got me interested. It really became one of my favourite shows of all time. Unfortunately, after three seasons the show got cancelled, and we’ll never know what the hell that thing was that Loki/Colin threw onto the ground at the end of the last episode. (Okay there was a deleted scene that showed us some more, but who cares, no big deal, I want moooooooooore)

02. Being Human | S1, S2, S3 | Cancelled/Ended

I’d started watching this show because of Aidan Turner (who plays John Mitchell) and it turned out to be an amazing show! It was about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together in a house. It was a show by the BBC, written by a writer who had written some episodes for Doctor Who, so I expected it to be sad sometimes, and oh god it was. It was an amazing show though, but it got cancelled (or it just ended, I’m not sure) this year. I haven’t watched anything beyond where Aidan left the show, but I am planning on doing that soon.

03. Doctor Who | S7.2 + 50th anniversary + Christmas Special | Hiatus

In September last year, we said goodbye to Amy and Rory, which made me incredibly sad. But then we met Clara, and in March this year (the Saturday we were at HobbitCon), season seven part two aired. Like the previous seasons it was an amazing one, and I loved the Name of the Doctor (which aired on my birthday!), and of course I bloody loved the 50th Anniversary episode. A couple of days ago the Christmas special aired, the one where the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) was going to regenerate into the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi). It was a very sad episode, though I have to admit it was a bit rushed. But I loved it, and I can’t wait to see Peter Capaldi’s first episode(s) next year!

04. Once Upon a Time | S2 | Hiatus

I have to admit, I still haven’t started watching season three (oops). But I did watch season two this year and though sometimes it was a bit confusing, I loved it. I loved hearing about all the fairy tale characters, and about their live in Storybrook. I just love this TV Show very much, apart from the fact that they have so many hiatuses. That might probably be the reason I still haven’t started watching the new season, I just want to watch all the episodes without having to wait a week (or not until the next year, because I think there’s another hiatus going on right now). I’ll just wait until episode 22 has aired, and then I’ll start watching it. Haha!

05. Supernatural | S1 (ep 1-6) | Currently airing

At first, I didn’t like Supernatural. But that had nothing to do with the show, or its actors; no it was because of their fans. Because a lot of their fans are a bit, well, how do I say it nicely? Weird. Yeah. But anyway, after I posted something where I wanted people to recommend me shows to watch; my friend told me to watch Supernatural. Because she’d started watching it (and we were both a bit ‘meh’ about the fans), and it turned out to be an awesome show. And it was. I haven’t seen many episodes yet, but it’s an awesome show. I certainly plan on watching more soon, but I just have to get myself to actually watch something new, in stead of watching the Hobbit for the 400th time.

And that’s another list gone, tomorrow I’ll start posting about the things that I am looking forward to in 2014. Books, movies and events!

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