Best of the Year

Best of 2013: Events I’ve been to


I was supposed to post this yesterday, but it was a very busy day and I didn’t have any time to finish and post this, so that’s why there are going to be two Best of 2013 posts today! Of course I’ve done some cool things this year, I went to my first convention, and went to another Doctor Who fanday. This post is about the five most awesome events I’ve been to, with pictures and some flailing from me. They’re in order of the date the event happened.

01. HobbitCon in Bonn, Germany | 29 March – 1 April

In January this year, Tanja and I heard about HobbitCon, a convention in Bonn, Germany. Close to where we lived (or well closer than the usual convention) and our favourite actors were coming! We immediately booked out tickets, and the hotel, and the train and we counted down the days til we left. I am not going to go in detail about the convention itself, because I’ve already made four posts about it (one, two, three, four), but I would just like to say that it was the most awesome weekend ever, and it’s totally better than ‘celebrating’ Easter at home! I met my favourite dwarf (Dean O’Gorman) (though all dwarves from the Hobbit are my favourites), I had some awesome parties, met some new friends, dressed up as Arwen (though very briefly) and bought some nice stuff!

And the best part is, there is going to be another HobbitCon next year, and Tanja and I are both going, woohoo!

02. Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens | 20 April


Another first this year, I had never actually been to the Elf Fantasy Fair before this year, and that’s actually a bit of a shame,  because it was incredible! I ate some nice food, had some beer at 11am in the morning, heard some lovely stories about German Porn (never again), and dressed up as Arwen again. We also had our pictures taken in a special Hobbit/LOTR area, I learned how to shoot with a bow and arrow and we saw R2D2! Then, we went to McDonalds in cosplay, and got some very weird looks, haha! Unfortunately, EFF is going to be on the same weekend HobbitCon is on (because EFF is always around the weekend of the 20th of April, and HobbitCon is always during Easter), so I won’t be able to go, meh.

03. Doctor Who Fanday in Utrecht | 29 September


Last year’s Doctor Who fanday was really cool. I met some new people, I won a book in a scavenger hunt, met Marnix van den Broeke (who was the Silence and the werewolf from Harry Potter) and ate some very nice pizza that evening. This year was a bit less exciting in my opinion, but it was still nice. This year, I dressed up as Rose from Boom Town and entered in the Cosplay contest again. I didn’t win, of course (there were a lot of costumes that were so much better than mine), but I had quite some fun. In the end we went to the McDonalds and had some more fun there. I’ll probably go again next year!

04. Hunger Games night in Haarlem | 18/19 December


When we heard that there was going to be a Hunger Games night (where they would show both the Hunger Games, and Catching Fire), we booked tickets almost as soon as we could. My sister and her boyfriend wanted to come along too, and we decided to go out to eat before the movie started, which would be my birthday present. We had a very nice dinner (pizza!) and the movies were amazing, especially Catching Fire. I was so nervous before the movie started, because I wanted it to be better than the Hunger Games, and oh my gods it was! I loved it so much, I’ve actually gone and seen it four times in total!

05. Hobbit night in Amsterdam | 10/11 December


And of course, with a Hunger Games night, Pathé had to go and have a Hobbit night as well. This time, we booked tickets for one of the biggest Pathé cinema’s in the Netherlands; the one near the Amsterdam Arena. A lot of our friends were going to that cinema as well, and we just decided to come dressed up. So there we were, dressed up (Tanja as a Hobbit, and me as Arwen) thinking that we’d probably be the only ones (us and our friends) but when we arrived, there were a lot more people dressed up. There was actually a large group of people, which was so amazing! And of course, I have seen this movie four times as well!