All I Got for Christmas Is…

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So Christmas is over (or well, actually we have a second Christmas day in the Netherlands, so officially it’s not over yet), and of course I got a couple of presents yesterday. I have made pictures, and of course I’ll explain what everything is, because I haven’t made individual pictures of everything.


1. A pillow with three owls on it, because I love owls, and I love pillows (so I can sleep, haha)
2. Three owl ‘statues’, with one covering its beak, the other its eyes and the third its ears
3. The Lord of the Rings book boxset (this is a present I bought myself…)
4. The map of Middle Earth, on parchment, I had wanted this one for so long but I never actually bought it and then my sister gave me this, omg!
5. J.R.R. Tolkien in three minutes, a sort of unofficial biography of the writer of the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion, etc.
6. Headphones; I had iPhone ones, but they broke a while ago and I used these annoying in-ear ones, and then my mum got me this, yes!
7. Nailpolish, because of course, you can never have enough (*cough* seventy-five bottles *cough*) nailpolish
8. An iPhone case that can also be used as a wallet, I  had wanted one of these for a long time!
9. A t-shirt that says something about London with some awesome London-ish pictures on it
10. A hat and matching gloves; I had lost one of my favourite hats a while ago, and I needed new gloves with no fingers (these have a tiny part that can cover my fingers, but I can also remove that part.
11. A lollipop from Disneyland with Jack Skellington on it! My sister went to Disneyland last week and she’d told me there was A LOT of NBC stuff!
12. A bottle of Baileys with Belgian Chocolate. I had seen a commercial for this a while ago and I wanted to taste it, woohoo!
13. A Frozen advent calendar (I already knew I was getting this but I still love it, yay!)


And here are some close-up pictures of a couple of my gifts. I can’t wait to hang up the map, but first I need a frame for it, because I am not going to hang it on my wall with tape or pins or anything (because that’s going to ruin the parchment). And the beautiful Bailey’s bottle, I just love it! After unpacking the gifts we went to eat, and after that my sister and I went to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, and oh my god, it was beautiful (though a bit chaotic in my opinion). I am going to miss Matt Smith so much though!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas, with lots of gifts, food and family!

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