The Potter Games

Of course, everyone is familiar with both Harry Potter and The Hunger Games; two amazing series that each have a huge fanbase. Some fans of both series have decided to mash the two together, and thus have created The Potter Games. It is exactly what you think it is: a Hunger Games edition, but with characters from Harry Potter.

The official story goes as follows: Voldemort and his Death Eaters have won the Battle of Hogwarts, and as a punishment they have established these Hunger Games. The first games will have twenty-four of our most beloved characters (ok and some not so beloved ones). We have of course the Golden Trio, Luna, Fred and George, Ginny, Neville. Fleur, Krum and Cedric are entered as well (though I am a bit surprised at Cedric’s involvement, seeing as he died in the fourth book already).

The website is basically made out of stories, and beneath each chapter you have to make a choice. Will you fight of flee? Kill someone or spare them? Make or break an alliance? Each of the choices you make gives you a different part of the story, which will lead to your chosen character either getting killed (after which you can ‘renervate’ and start over) or come out as victor.

Honestly, I had expected an actual game, but that was before I realised that these people are of course just fans – and not professional game makers (pun intented). I did really enjoy the first couple of characters already, and I can’t wait to ‘play’ with the others as well.

Curious? You can click here to play The Potter Games!