Best of the Year

Best of 2013!

best ofIt’s December, and that means Sinterklaas (for Dutchies), Christmas and of course New Year’s Eve! A lot of people decide to make lists in December, lists of their favourite books, movies, tv shows, outfits, etc, and I am one of those people! Just like last year, and the year before that, I will make a couple of lists of my favourite things this year.

Like the previous times, I have divided them into sections (music, books, movies, tv shows), and also into ‘released’ and ‘read/seen/listened to’. I will make a total of eleven lists, which I will start posting from the 21st of December until the 31st. I will also add some pictures, videos and quotes to make it a bit nicer. I am going to post a small list of the thing I am going to talk about, and on which date I will post them!

21/12: Best Albums (5) released this year
22/12: Best Songs (10) released this year
23/12: Best Books (10) released this year
24/12: Best Books (10) read this year
25/12: Best Movies (10) released this year
26/12: Best Movies (10) seen this year
27/12: Best Things (5) I’ve done this year
28/12: Best TV Shows (5) I’ve watched this year
29/12: (Possible) Events (5) I am looking forward to in 2014
30/12: Book releases (10) I am looking forward to in 2014
31/12: Movie releases (10) I am looking forward to in 2014

I am looking forward to posting these, and I hope you’re going to enjoy my lists! See you on the 21st!