Behind the Scenes

#28. Buy a new lens for my camera

Actually, I bought an entire new camera! I used to have a Canon EOS 400D, which I’ve had for about five years already, and I actually wanted something new. The main reason I wanted a new camera, was because I wanted one that could film as well as make pictures, so I wouldn’t have to take two seperate camera’s with me every time. At first, I had my eye on the (Canon EOS) 500D, and I went to the store often enough to cry about the fact that I still didn’t have it. Then, after a while, I saw the 1100D, which is also a very nice camera with a film-function. That was around the time that they stopped selling the 500D in shops (only second-hand now).

Last month, there was this commercial from the Media Markt, saying that they had the 1100D on sale for a small period of time. But then I went looking on the internet and I saw the 600D, also a film&photo camera, but a much better one. So eventually, I settled for the 600D. Then, I got a folder from the Saturn (which is basically the Media Markt but with a different name, and with blue as ‘their’ colour instead of red), saying that they had a discount on the 600D with an extra lens (75-300mm). So I went to their website, and I also saw that Canon had a cashback thing going on, meaning that I could get some money back from them if I bought the camera.

Even though I didn’t really have the money for it, I went along and bought it from their website. I will pay it in small amounts every month, but hey, I’ve got a new camera! And there’s another Day Zero thing I can cross out! Yay! (I can’t wait to bring this camera with me to HobbitCon, so I can make beautiful pictures and a proper video of my adventures)

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