Book Stats: November 2013

Another month where I’ve only bought two books! I am starting to get good at it!



  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) – Okay so this isn’t a book, but I just wanted to add it to the picture because I love it so much! When it was announced that there would be an EE version of the first Hobbit movie, I was thrilled. The day it got out, my friend and I went to the store so she could buy it. It turned out to be only twenty euros. I promised the guy behind the counter that I’d come back the next day to get it as well. But then my friend told me that she’s gotten mail the day after, and that she’d won the exact same DVD in the costume contest at the Hobbit Live Event at the beginning of this month. So I ended up buying the DVD that she’d bought at the shop from her, haha!
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne – I had watched part of the movie a while ago, and I decided that I wanted to read the book. It was a thin book, which was good, because I don’t think I would have enjoyed it if the book had been bigger. I did enjoy the book, but I found it a bit… ‘frustrating’ at some points. You can read my review of the book here.
  • Ten by Gretchen McNeil – This book is based on the story ‘And Then There Were None’ by Agatha Christie. I have never read a book written by either authors before, so I was curious for this book. It ended up surprising me a lot, and I think this might actually be one of my favourite books this year. You can read my review here.


  • The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards – A couple of days ago, I was in Haarlem, because I went to the movies. A long time before I had discovered this little shop that sells a lot of American/Australian/British food, candy and other things. I also noticed a bookshelf with a lot of books. As we passed it the other day, I noticed these crates outside, also filled with books. A paper said that the books were free, but that you could make a donation if you wanted. I ended up putting my spare change in the donations pot and picked this book from the crates outside.
  • De Geluksvogel by Ilja Gort – I found a Dutch website that has a bookclub, with which you can get books, read them and write a review about them. I signed up and got an email about this book. Because I wanted to try reading Dutch books, and read more books out of my ‘comfort zone’ I sent an email back saying that I wanted to review the book. I ended up being one of the chosen ones. I enjoyed it, but the only thing that ‘annoyed’ me a bit, were the French sentences every now and then (I only know ‘Bonjour’, ‘Merci’, ‘Merde’ and ‘Allons-y’).
  • Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre by Paula Guran – Last month, Wendy from Wensend (y’all should check out her blog!) had a giveaway on her blog. You could win this book with some awesome Halloween stories (I had already received this book via Netgalley, but I would have rather had it as a physical book, because reading on my phone is a pain in the arse). At the end of the month, she contacted me and told me I had won the book, and that made me really excited. I have just started reading it, and I can’t wait to read all the spooky stories, haha!

I didn’t receive any books via NetGalley this month, because I have a couple I still need to read, and I am going to finish those first! (Okay I got the first chapter of Cress but I just really wanted to read that!)

I also finished reading a couple of books this month! The books that are italicized are books that I am currently reading.

And that’s it for this month! Up next is December, probably the only month this year that I will NOT buy any books (because of Christmas), haha!