Behind the Scenes

NaNoWriMo week 2

So, that’s the second full week of NaNoWriMo gone. Last week, I got stuck after writing not more than 8000/9000 words, and I kept on being stuck for a couple of days. But then I finally got over it and continued to write. I am not anywhere near the amount of words I’m supposed to have today (I’ve just passed the 20.000 (20.117 to be exact) words, but I’m supposed to have 30.000 now), but I am getting closer and closer. And I am really happy with that.

I do sometimes have those moments in which I am staring at my screen and thinking what the hell I’m going to do, but then I just use a random prompt generator (like this one) and I’ll just get an idea based on that, or get a completely different idea.

The only thing that I do have, is that I still procrastinate a lot. I wanted to make my characters in the Sims, but ended up saving the game right after I’d made the Sims and not playing at all. Then I thought Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter were very interesting, and I spend a lot of time there (gave myself a new theme on Tumblr, and of course I had to edit that as well), even though there weren’t any new notifications. But hey, I passed the 20.000 words and I am really really happy that I managed that. I don’t remember how many words I wrote last year before giving up completely, but I am planning on not doing that this year, and I really want to get to those 50.000 words for once.

I would also love to share a bit of my story with you, but I personally still don’t think it’s that good yet, and I would rather edit and perfect it before I share it with anyone. So I owe you all a piece of my story in December, or January (depends on how long it’ll take me to edit it, haha). Well, I’m off to writing some more, or making polyvore sets with outfits form y characters (or fangirling because I am going to see Catching Fire tomorrow, yay)

How are you doing? Up to date, or completely stuck? Leave a comment!