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The Day of the Doctor

As some of you might know, this year we celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who! The show’s first episode, An Unearthly Child, aired on 23 November 1963, and that’s reason for a celebration, of course!

The biggest part of this celebration is a special anniversary episode, which will air on the same date, 23 November (which is a Saturday, just like in 1963). In April, it was announced that both Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) and David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) would come back in this anniversary episode, and it will also star the current Doctor, Matt Smith, and his companion Clara, Jenna-Louise Coleman.

A couple of days ago we found out that they’d finally air the official trailer on Saturday, which is today. Then, we found out that we’d be getting two trailers! One of them has been officially released this morning by the BBC (though it was on the internet yesterday evening already), and oh my god it is amazing!

There is a lot going on in this small trailer; the two Doctors being idiots (with glasses and fezzes), Daleks, a Zygon, Queen Elizabeth (the first), John Hurt as a new/old Doctor, Rose (or perhaps the Bad Wolf), A LOT OF AWESOME STUFF! The trailer got me really excited for the episode, and I can’t wait for tonight’s trailer which we’ll see at around 9pm (Dutch time).

Of course, the episode isn’t the only thing that’s happening! There are lots more celebrations going on in November. There’s an official convention, which will be attended by several Doctors, companions, monsters, etc; there’s a TV movie called ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ which is about the filming of the first episode ever, An Unearthly Child, with David Bradley (aka Argus Filch) as William Hartnell (who was the first Doctor). It will air on the 21st of November, on BBC two. There are going to be documentaries, there are books, merchandise, everything! I can’t wait to celebrate fifty years of Doctor Who!