Behind the Scenes

A new theme!

Hiya, as you can see, I have decided to change my theme again. I had grown tired of the previous theme, the only thing I actually really loved was the review option.

When I found this theme, I tried to get the reviews to the new page, but for some reason I couldn’t get it working, so I went and looked for a nice review plugin. I have found several good ones, and I am going to test them on Saturday.

The only bad thing is that all my reviews have gone, but don’t fret, I have saved the reviews I’ve written in October and November, and all the previous ones are available on my Goodreads account! That means that my Bloglovin’ followers might have a tiny review spam by me in the following week, so I apologize for that in advance!

I’m going to be away the entire day tomorrow, so I won’t have time to get everything right until Saturday night or Sunday even, but until then you can read my normal blogposts, and find my reviews on Goodreads!

Edit 09/11 – Previous theme wasn’t really working with the review plugin that I’ve got, so I am now testing a few new themes, sorry in advance for the mess. (: