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TV Show Thursday: Torchwood

TV Show Thursday shows you the TV shows that I watch, watched or want to watch. I just give you a trailer, a short summary and what I like (and don’t like about the show). I have talked about Doctor Who, American Horror Story, Being Human and Supernatural. Today, I am going to talk about a spin-off of Doctor Who, Torchwood!

Torchwood, a spin-off from the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who, follows a group of investigators working for the secret organisation of the same name. Set in Cardiff, Wales the team specialise in alien technology that has landed on Earth, and crime, whether it be alien or human. The mysterious Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) is the leader of the equally mysterious Torchwood, and vows to guard humanity against alien threats. Curious PC Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) accidentally discovers the group, and soon becomes entangled in a series of events. This leads up to her being hired, and becoming involved in the exciting affairs of the organisation. Together with medic, Owen Harper (Burn Gorman), and the tech expert, Toshiko Sato (Naoko Mori), and the impressible Ianto Jones (Gareth David Lloyd), the five explore the thrilling world of Torchwood. (source:

Torchwood is like the big brother of Doctor Who; with more cursing, more guns, more blood, more sex. We meet an old character, Captain Jack Harkness, and some new ones; Gwen, Owen, Tosh and Ianto. I watched the first three seasons in a couple of weeks, because Tanja and I were going to Cardiff, and then we could visit Torchwood locations as well as Doctor Who locations.

I really liked Torchwood, especially the first two seasons, because it was different from Doctor Who, a bit like the average British television show (Misfits, Being Human, Skins, a bit like that with some aliens and monsters thrown in); and I also enjoyed the (short) third season. But I still haven’t watched the fourth and final season, because I am a bit in denial (some awesome characters died in the second and third season and I still don’t believe it). Also, a lot of people think that the fourth season is not that good, and too Americanized. I will probably watch the fourth season someday, because I just found out one of the characters from that season will also play in Divergent; so I want to know how his acting is before I watch the movie.

Fun fact: Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who, and was used in 2005 when they transported the first couple of episodes of the season, so no one would steal it. Later, in season two of Doctor Who, they started using Torchwood in the episodes, as an organization founded by Queen Victoria at the end of ‘Tooth and Claw’, and we learn more and more about Torchwood in that season. The best part is that both TV shows kinda fit together. Season 1 of Torchwood happens somewhere during S3 of DW; and at the end of S1 of Torchwood Jack leaves to travel with the Doctor in the episodes Utopia, The Sound of Drums and the Last of the Time Lords.

Then, after that, season two of Torchwood happens, mainly during S4 of Doctor Who, and at the end of TWS2 The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End happen. I once had this website where the correct order of watching Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures was, but I lost it. Even so, it’s a very confusing schedule and I never actually bothered to do it that way, haha.

Like Doctor Who, Torchwood has some nice merchandise and books. I have read about three Torchwood books, and I enjoyed all three of them. I am definitely going to read more TW books as soon as I can, but there’s so many that I don’t know which to read first!

I recommend Torchwood to everyone who loved Doctor Who and wants more, and to everyone who doesn’t mind seeing a bit more blood and sex.