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2014: Events I’m Looking Forward To

2014 events

Yesterday I told you about the events that I loved in 2013, today I will tell you about the events that I am looking forward to in 2014. Not all of these events are 100% certain, but I am going to try my best to make them certain. So, these are the six (possible) events that I can’t wait for in 2014!

01. HobbitCon 2014 | 18 – 21 April 2014 | Maritim Hotel, Bonn, Germany


Like this year, there is going to be a Hobbit convention in Bonn. When Tanja and I found out there was going to be another HobbitCon, we did not hesitate at all and we bought our tickets as soon as we could. And we’ve also booked our room in the hotel (the hotel where the convention is at, which is very convenient) and now the only thing we still need to do is book tickets for the train; but we won’t be able to do that until at least February I think (because we can’t book tickets that far in advance, which is stupid actually).

I can’t wait for this, honestly, last time was so much fun and we met a lot of awesome people (who will all be coming too next year). Most dwarves are going to be there (everyone who was there last year, I think, plus some that weren’t there); and Manu Bennett (who plays Azog) is going to be there too. And best of all, J.R.R. Tolkien’s great grandson, Royd Tolkien is going to be there too!

I am already counting down to this event, ooooooh I am so excited!

02. London (+ Harry Potter Studio’s and There and Back Again premiere)


Shame on me, but I have never actually been to London. Or, well, yeah I’ve been there – but the only thing I’ve seen of London were the airport, and the tube stations. So I’ve made it my goal to properly go to London next year. There has been talk of the last Hobbit premiere being in London, and seeing as I really wanted to go to Berlin’s premiere this year, and I couldn’t, I really want to go next year, just because.

And of course, I want to go to the Harry Potter studio’s, because it just looks so amazing, and omg I just want to walk through the Great Hall, and see all those wands, and the scale model of Hogwarts. I want to see my childhood in person.

03. My 22nd Birthday | 18 May


Though I am not looking forward to turning 22, I am actually looking forward to my birthday. Because I get cake, and presents. I might want to go and celebrate it for my friends somewhere else, but I am not sure where or when. I’ll probably end up inviting them to my house to watch the extended edition of Lord of the Rings or something like that, haha!

04. Another convention


I would love to go to a Doctor Who convention, or just another general convention. Since I loved HobbitCon so much, I just want to find out if there are more awesome conventions like that. I might just go and get a ticket for RingCon next year, if there are going to be some nice guests of course.

05. Newcastle


My sister has been there a couple of times already, and though I would actually rather take a plane, going there by boat sounds cool as well. For my younger sister’s birthday, we decided to give her a trip to Newcastle, but we still have to plan when we’re going. I hope it’s going to be soon, because I really can’t wait any longer!

06. Cardiff (+ Doctor Who Experience)


And of course, my favourite city in the UK. I just really want to go to Cardiff, and stay there longer than the last time, to walk through the streets again, spot Doctor Who filming locations (“Isn’t that where …. was filmed?!” “OMG it is!!”), and of course I want to visit the Doctor Who Experience again. Since the last time we where there, I think some things have been added to the exhibition part (I think it was Matt Smith’s handprint and autograph) and I just want to go through the experience part again. (And this time I am determined NOT to forget my ‘I flew the TARDIS certificate’ on the plane).

So these are the six things that I want to do in 2014, what are you looking forward to the most?