Bookshelf update

I don’t remember if I’ve ever shared pictures of my bookshelf/shelves with you, so I decided to make pictures of them today and post them on my blog. Even though I should actually be writing for NaNoWriMo. ([dalek voice] PROCRASTINATE! PROCRASTINATE! [/dalek voice])

I have counted all my books, and then looked how many are paperbacks, hardcovers, english, dutch, complete series, incomplete series, fiction, non-fiction. But first, here are the pictures of my bookshelves.

These are the books that I still need/want to read. Everything from left to right until the last Hitchhiker’s book is what I have to read for the first time, everything after that (from HP to the Casual Vancacy) are books that I want to reread, for various reasons (just because, or because there’s a movie coming out soon).

And these are all the other books, books that I finished reading, and don’t feel like rereading at the moment, books that I got (mostly from Manuscripta) and don’t really feel like reading, because they aren’t in my ‘area’. And the bottom shelf is mostly Dutch books (with a couple of Doctor Who and non-fiction books).

And now for the stats, I have counted 125 books on my shelves (there are ten books you can’t see on these pictures, because they are on the top of my shelf. Those are my Harry Potter books, a photography book which is standing on the bottom shelf, on the right, but you can’t see it that good because of the shadow; and there’s a Dutch non-fiction book which didn’t fit on any shelf anymore).

Out of those books, only 19 are hardcover, while 106 are paperbacks. That is because I like reading paperback books more, because they’re cheaper, lighter and easier to open when you’re reading it the first time. There are 98 English books, and 27 Dutch books, I prefer to read fiction books in English, especially if that was their original language. Out of all my books I only have 5 complete series, and 33 incomplete ones (because I’ve got them as ebooks, or because the following book isn’t out yet). And there are 110 fiction books, and 15 non-fiction, because let’s face it, fiction books are just awesome!

So, now that this is done, I am gonna go and make myself write some more for NaNoWriMo!