I have just decided to make this a monthly post, because I just want to share the awesome movies that are being released in the cinemas every month! I have a Pathé Unlimited Card, which means I can go and see every movie for only 19 euros a month, and I am definitely going to use it as much as I can. Last month, I told you about five movies I wanted to see. Eventually, I’ve seen none of the movies from the list, but a couple of different movies (and Thor isn’t out yet at this moment, but I will probably see that in November). Anyway, here are the movies I would like to see this month!

Carrie | 7 November | IMDb | Trailer
A long time ago, I saw the original version of the movie, and though I was creeped out by the end (the hand that just shot up from the house/ground), I loved it. When I heard they were going to remake the movie, I was thrilled. I have seen several trailers now, and I just really like it already!

The World’s End | 14 November | IMDb | Trailer
I haven’t seen the previous two movies, but I am planning on doing so. There was a lot of trouble with this movie, because it wasn’t originally showing in the Netherlands. After a lot of ‘complaints’ and even a petition, Pathé decided to play the movie, though by the time the movie is showing in the cinema, a good download will already be available, I think. But I am still going to see it in the cinema, if I can.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | 20 November | IMDb | Trailer
The movie I have been waiting for for a very long time, the second part of the Hunger Games. I have been excited for this movie ever since I saw the previous one, though I wasn’t a fan of the shaky camera in the Arena. When it was announced that Francis Lawrence would direct the movie in stead of Gary Ross, everyone was sceptical, but the trailers have proved that this movie is going to be just as good, if not better, than the first movie! I can’t wait!

Pathé is even organizing a Hunger Games night, on which we’ll watch the Hunger Games, ánd Catching Fire, and I’ve already bought my ticket for this! Yay!

The Fifth Estate | 21 November | IMDb | Trailer
A couple of reasons why I want to watch this movie; Carice van Houten, Peter Capaldi, Stanley Tucci, and Benedict Cumberbatch. I know the movie is about that guy from Wikileaks (slap me, I’ve forgotten his name), and though I haven’t really followed all the news about it, I am quite interested in this movie.