Behind the Scenes

Rare Nails

I am going to do a new thing on my blog. One of my Day Zero challenges is to wear every nail polish colour that I own, and I own quite a lot (77 to be precise). So I have decided to swatch them (like all those beauty blogs do), take pictures of them and then see how long the polish will stay on my nails. Seeing as I’m a mail deliverer, and I work with my hands a lot (opening letterboxes, sorting mail, etc), a lot of my nail polish chips quite quickly. I have decided to find the perfect nail polish that DOES NOT chip quickly!

The first two colours that I am ‘reviewing’ are two new polishes, that I got from my sister. She bought them because one of them was called ‘Styx’, which is a river in Greek mythology that formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. (People who’ve read Percy Jackson will probably know it). Of course, that was the first colour I put on my nails.


First of all, here is the whole set (and a cat). There are three polishes, and a set of stickers. They are a bit Halloween-ish themed, hence the name ‘Underworld’. From left to right, the colours are called; Raven, Styx, Redemption. I have used both Raven and Styx already, of which I have both made pictures.


This is ‘Styx’, a nice brown colour (though I normally don’t like brown that much). On this picture it looks more grey than brown though, but it definitely is a shade of brown. Unfortunately, this one chips quickly. After work I noticed that a big piece was missing from one of my nails.


This is Raven, a black colour, which I already have, but this one is a matte polish. I noticed it first when I had applied the first layer, and when it tried, it became a bit matte. And I like that, because I really like matte nail polishes (I own five of those I think). AND, the best part: this one hasn’t chipped! Well, it has now, as you can see on the picture (if you look closely), but no big chunks are missing, unlike Styx, and unlike most of the other (matte) nail polishes that I own (Stone Cold from China Glaze is the worst). I think this is going to be on of my favourites!

So, here you go, my first nail polish post that isn’t about the amount of nail polishes that I own, haha! More to come soon!