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TV Show Thursday: American Horror Story

tvshowthursdayIt’s Thursday again, and that means TV Show Thursday! As you might know, I didn’t post one last week, because I kinda forgot it, and I had no idea which TV show to choose. But yesterday, the first episode of the third season of a very nice show aired, and I can’t wait to start watching it, so I decided to dedicate this week’s TST to American Horror Story!

American Horror Story is a horror television series, created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (two writers of Glee). Described as an anthology series, each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries, following a disparate set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own ‘beginning, middle, and end’. 

The first season subsequently re-titled ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’ takes place in 2011 and follows the story of a family that moves into a home haunted by its former occupants. The second series, titled ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ takes place in 1964 and follows the story if the inhabitants of an institution for the criminally insane. The third season, titled ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ takes place in the 1800’s and present day and follows the battle between witches and voodoo practitioners. 

I watched the first season during the time it came out, and I fell in love with it. Though I normally don’t react well to horror stuff, this was awesome (I made sure to watch the episodes during the day and everything was fine). The second season was a bit of a ‘meh’ for me, and I only properly watched the first episode. Though both seasons have a lot of the same actors as the first (and so does the third), they were all different characters and I would have loved to learn more about the characters from the first season.

The third season sounded interesting to me because of the witches, which I have always found interesting. Last night (in America) the first episode of season three aired, and I haven’t watched it yet (and luckily I haven’t seen any spoilers yet). I am planning on doing that later this day, or perhaps tomorrow (or saturday). The trailer shows all the small Coven videos that were released in the past couple of months, and it made me very curious for this season. So I’m going to go and find the episode and watch it asap!

Have you watched the previous seasons? And are you going to watch the new one? Let me know!