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October movies I want to see

Since I’ve got my Pathé Unlimited Card, I can go and see every movie in the cinema, and though I haven’t really done that yet (I have seen several movies twice now), I am planning on going to the cinema more (a bit of a pity that the closest cinema is in Haarlem, which is not really that far, but quite expensive when you go by bus). I am able to go there by bike, but I will probably need someone next to me to motivate me to not turn around and go back home. Anyway, there are quite some nice movies coming out this month, and here’s a list of the movies I want to see.

De Nieuwe Wildernis | In cinemas already | IMDb | Trailer
This is a Dutch movie about the nature in our country, and I’ve already seen a trailer for it in the cinema, and my friend and I were like ‘let’s go there’. I’ve always loved those nature documentaries on Discovery, so this looks like a perfect movie!

Don Jon | In cinemas already | IMDb | Trailer
It’s one of the movies that was recommended to me for my Day Zero goal. It sounds like an interesting movie, and I need to watch more comedies; I hardly watch any comedies (mostly because I don’t like them, but there might be some nice ones out there)

Paranoia | In cinemas already | IMDb | Trailer
This movie has Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) in it! And I’ve seen the trailer a couple of times, which looked awesome, so yeah I want to see it!

Elysium | In cinemas already | IMDb | Trailer
I’ve been meaning to see this movie last month, but it didn’t really happen. Though I don’t know if it’ll show for much longer, and I might be better off waiting for a good download. Oh well..

Thor: The Dark World | 31 October | IMDb | Trailer
So the second Thor movie. I really liked the first one, not just because it’s about Norse Gods, but because it was just an awesome movie; and this movie has something even more awesome: Christopher Eccleston! Yes, the (Ninth) Doctor! Plus the trailer(s) that I’ve seen are just awesome, and omg I can’t wait!

So, anyone who wants to take me to see one of these movies?!