Behind the Scenes

I bought some clothes…

For the first time in… quite a long time I believe.

Usually when I get money, I buy nail polish, books or food, but a couple of days ago a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to come along to this big outlet sale thing; and seeing as I wanted some new clothes, I said yes (and I have never really been to something like that before). So yesterday we went to Amsterdam, and honestly, it was quite awesome. It was basically a big room filled with clothes, and people. We just walked around and looked at the clothes, picked out several things, and when we thought we had way too much in our arms, went to try everything on.

I picked out a dress, two coats, a jumper, a t-shirt, a pair of trousers (without buttons, zipper and pockets), a hat and some other things; I really liked the whole trying everything on part, but the only thing you had to be careful about was the fact that people could just grab the things you were about to try on. Eventually, I went to get one of the coats, the shirt, the trousers and the hat and when we’d all tried on everything, and picked out the things we wanted, we went to pay.

Afterward, we got something to drink from the people who work there (because they knew my friend) and I noticed a necklaces with some coins on them. There was a coin from New Zealand on it as well, and I ended up buying it as well.

So I bought an entire outfit (minus shoes but plus a necklace) for 60 euros! I looked up the brands of the clothes I bought and they ended up being quite expensive brands (the necklace’s brand had necklaces for like 15 euros on their website). So here are pictures of the things I bought:

IMG_3080 IMG_3081
A ‘Castiel’ coat, as Tanja called it, and a Slytherin coloured hat (it had matching gloves, but I thought they were way too long so I didn’t buy them).

( tshirt with a picture of Matt Smith (aka a giraffe with a (bowler?)hat, sunglasses and a bow tie); and the trousers.


(South Africa; New Zealand; Malaysia, there was a fourth necklace but that one doesn’t have a coin on it, so I assumed it fell off or something).