As you all might know, I’m participating in a Day Zero challenge, and one of the goals on that list was to spend an entire day without my laptop or computer, or to be more precise, without internet, and I had to document what I did instead! I decided to do this on Saturday (28th September). And when I mean an entire day, I mean an entire day; from 12am to 12am!

Luckily, I had an entire shelf of books that I still needed to read, and I had some DVD’s I could watch (and a different laptop without internet on which I could watch them). So there I went, about an hour before 12 I went to bed, because I was tired and I had to get up early on Saturday (because my Amazon order was being delivered between 9 and 12). But I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up watching part of the Hunger Games. Then, I still couldn’t really sleep, so I started Outside In, by Maria V. Snyder.

IMG_3001-1 IMG_3002-1
The next morning, my alarm went off at 9am, and I got out of bed pretty quickly. I was kinda tempted to open my laptop and check my mail, but of course, I couldn’t. Not on my phone, and not on my computer. I decided to put the apps I couldn’t use in a different folder, and watched as the notifications piled up (not much, most of them were from my emails). Then I realised my background fitted the name of the folder perfectly, haha!

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At around 10:30, my package arrived, and I kinda felt like going back to bed, but my sister was coming over later, so I decided to continue reading Outside In, which was really easy to read (not just because it was in Dutch). After my sister had visited and left, I just went on reading the book, and after a while I went upstairs to watch some telly (which was allowed, because I hardly watch any television anyway, so it wasn’t really that much of a problem; in fact, I watched more telly that Saturday than I do on a normal day!) and then I decided I wanted to make my puzzle. But that got boring after a while, so I just went on reading.

IMG_3008-1 IMG_3009-1
After I finished reading Outside In, I thought about reading another book, and then in an impulse, I started sorting my bookshelf; the top shelf (on the picture) are books that I still need to (re)read, the bottom two are the ones that I’ve already read/don’t want to re-read). I didn’t pick out another book (though I did read a bit of Chamber of Secrets), but I decided to grab my DVD’s, and instead of watching the actual movies, I watched the short movies and documentaries that were on it. I watched ‘Dug’s Secret Mission’, ‘Partly Cloudy’, and ‘Knick Knack’.

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There was also a sort of game on the Finding Nemo DVD, in which those shape-forming fish formed a shape, and you had to guess what it was before the jellyfish reached the top of the screen. Then I made some Sudoku, which I found really addictive. After a while, a friend texted me that they’d announce something about the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, before and after this new TV show on the BBC; so after dinner, I went upstairs to watch the BBC. I saw ‘I love my country’ which is exactly the same as ‘Ik Hou van Holland’, a Dutch gameshow (seriously the decor was EXACTLY the same); then there was Celebrity Pointless, with Colin Baker (aka the sixth Doctor). After that they had Strictly Come Dancing, during which I decided to watch a Supernatural episode (ep 2 of season 1). And then it was time for Atlantis.

The first thing we were shown (for the DW 50th) was the hashtag ‘Save the Day’, which I found a bit odd. You can just announce a hashtag on twitter, or facebook can’t you? They had said something about a trailer, so I decided to watch Atlantis to see whether the trailer would come after the episode; but alas, the thing that was shown AFTER the epsiode was the date of the 50th anniversary, which EVERYONE already knows (23 November 2013); so I was a tiny bit disappointed, but I did find a new TV show to watch, because I really liked the first episode of Atlantis.

After that, I read a bit more in Chamber of Secrets, took a shower, and put everything together for the day after, because on Sunday I went to the Doctor Who fanday in Utrecht. Which also meant waking up early (half past eight, omg).