tvshowthursdayTV Show Thurday is something made up by me, in which I show you TV shows that I want to watch, that I am watching, or that I have watched in the past. I will try to publish a post like this every Thurday, but I can’t make a guarantee. At one point, I might just run out of nice TV shows. Last week I showed you the Almighty Johnsons (whose season finale has aired today!), a show I started watching because one of my favourite actors played in it. This week’s show also has one of my favourite actors in it, and that is also the reason I started watching it!

Starring: Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, Sinead Keenan | BBC3 | 5 seasons | 2009 – 2013

Being Human is a British supernatural drama television series. It was created and written by Toby Whithouse (who also wrote a couple of Doctor Who episodes) for broadcast on BBC Three. The show blends elements of flatshare comedy and horror drama. It originally starred Lenora Crichlow as Annie Sawyer (a ghost), Russell Tovey as George Sands (a werewolf) and Aidan Turner as John Mitchell (a vampire) – all of whom were sharing accommodation and attempting as best as they can to live a ‘normal’ life and blend in with the ordinary humans around them. In the third series, Sinead Keenan became part of the main cast as Nina Pickering (a werewolf). In the fourt series the ensemble was joined by Michael Socha as Tom McNair (a werewolf) and Damien Molony as Hal Yorke (a vampire). The fifth series added Kate Bracken as Alex Miller (a ghost). The first two seasons were set in Totterdown, Bristol; and the third season onwards relocated to Barry, Wales.

Like I said before, I started watching this show because Aidan Turner played in it, who most of you might know as Kili from the Hobbit, or Luke Garroway from the Mortal Instruments. The show turned out to be an awesome show, with lots of ‘drama’, and lots of humour as well. This show also has a lot of actors that also played in Doctor Who, which made my friend and me go ‘isn’t that … *goes to imdb* omg it is!!’.

The show has five seasons in total, and the last ever episode aired in March of this year (*sob*). I haven’t watched anything beyond the last episode of season three yet, but I am planning on watching the last seasons soon!

There is an American remake of the show (which I honestly don’t understand, they have broadcast the original show on BBC America, why make a remake as well?!), there is a spin-off/webisode called Becoming Human, and there are three books out of the series (which I have just found out, yay!). I am a bit bummed that it ended, though I still have two seasons to watch, with both thirteen episodes!

Why should you watch this show? Because it’s awesome, it’s funny, it’s got drama, it’s got Aidan Turner (and his Irish accent), it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you laugh and if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you can play ‘who was he/she in Doctor Who?!’!