Day Zero

I’m going to do it again, I am going to start a Day Zero challenge. I did this about a year (or two) ago, and I never actually finished it. This time, I am determined to finish all the things I put on my list. Day zero is a challenge in which you make up 101 goals for yourself, which you will then try to complete in 1001 days (a little less than three years).

Though I still have no idea what to put on my list (I’ll probably take some things off my old list though, and add some new things), I just wanted to make this post to remind myself that I’m participating. I have made a new account on the Day Zero website, and I will add this to my links on the sidebar, so I won’t forget it again. I will also blog about most of the items on the list, and make pictures of most of them, for as far as that’s possible!

For now I’m going to think of which things I want to put on my list, I might go and look around at other people’s lists, to see what they’ve got on it (I won’t go and do the exact same thing as they’re doing, of course, but just to get inspiration), and I’ll edit this post as soon as I’ve got some things to add to my list.

I have decided to make a page for this challenge, and put my list on that page. If you click this link, you’ll be send to the page.