Behind the Scenes

A new theme!


As you can see, October Tune has got a new theme. One that has the option to post reviews! Though the theme was originally meant for game reviews, I have made it so I can post book reviews! I will try to move all the reviews that I’ve got to the new Reviews section, but that might take a while, so please be patient! This theme also uses feature images, which I hardly ever use, so I’m going to have to try to use them a bit more often. Until I’ve done that, you will have to watch this beautiful default picture (yes I have made something nice for it, the new promo picture for the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, yay!)

Unfortunately, the review-posts won’t be sent to Twitter automatically, so I’ll just have to add them manually, oh well.

Anyway, I hope you like this new theme, and I hope I’m going to like it for a very long time (because I know myself, and I might end up hating it by the end of this week).