Cosplaying, some of you might know what it means; but for those who don’t, here’s a quick explanation: Cosplaying is basically dressing up as a character from your favourite book, tv show, or movie (for ex. Annabeth Chase, Amy Pond, Hermione Granger). A lot of people do it, and usually during conventions (like HobbitCon), or events such as the Elf Fantasy Fair. I myself have got a couple of cosplay outfits in my wardrobe, and I have decided to share them with you today, plus some new cosplays that I want to do in the future. I have also made polyvore sets for all of them, and I’ll add the links at the end of their descriptions!

cosplay01(Annabeth picture credit: anav27 @ deviantART)

Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. I might go and do one of her movie outfits, because movie!Annabeth wears stuff I would wear; but I would also like to have a Camp Half-Blood shirt, and her bead-necklace. And of course her famous New York Yankees cap! I think she might just wear normal (or black) jeans with it, and comfortable shoes. I’ll probably be able to find a Camp Half-Blood shirt somewhere on the internet, or else I’ll just buy myself a simple orange t-shirt, and print on the logo myself. (Polyvore)

Arwen from Lord of the Rings. I was looking for a nice costume for HobbitCon this year, I wanted to dress up as someone from the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, but I wasn’t able to make something myself, so I ended up looking at carnaval websites and I happened to find this dress on one of them, I immediately ordered it, and though it does not look exactly like the one on the picture (of course, seeing as it’s a carnaval version) it is an amazing dress. Though it is quite thin, and of course the sleeves are really long (almost as long as the dress), which is quite annoying at some points (especially if you want to eat). I am planning on bringing the dress with me to next year’s HobbitCon, and then I might wear it a bit longer than I did this year. (Polyvore)


Last year I went to a Doctor Who fanday in the Netherlands, dressed up as Amy. There were a total of four Amy’s during the day, and no Rose! So I decided that this year, I’d go dressed up as Rose. I found out I nearly had her entire Boom Town outfit, I just needed a denim jacket, and of course I needed to dye my hair blonde (which is going to happen tomorrow, hopefully). Now I have all of the items in the left picture, so I am going dressed up as Boom Town Rose for this year’s fanday! (Polyvore)

I also found out I had a cardigan almost the same colour as the one Rose wore in Doomsday. I also have a pair of black jeans (which you can’t see on the picture), a black shirt and I even have a pair of 3D glasses like the ones from the episode. I don’t know what kind of shoes she’s wearing (I believe they were white), but I’ll just wear simple black shoes underneath it. I could even go and find myself a labcoat, like the one Rose was wearing, and perhaps I’d be able to make some psychic paper! (Polyvore)

And then I saw that I also almost have the other Doomsday outfit, the one from the beach scene. I only need the gloves, and perhaps a jacket that looks a bit more like the one she wears (I have a leather-looking one, and Rose’s one isn’t leather-like as far as I can see). (Polyvore)


From the moment I first saw the episode, I fell in love with Amy’s Curse of the Black Spot outfit. I have this outfit nearly complete (I even have the hat and the sword), though I’m still missing a proper pirate coat. I do have a coat with large sleeves, but it’s black and a lot shorter than the one she’s wearing in the episode. I also don’t have a cardigan the same colour as hers, but I do have a mustard-yellow coloured one, which I wear in stead. (Polyvore)

Her Doctor’s Wife outfit is almost exactly the same as the CotBS one, except that the cardigan has been replaced by a jacket, and the pink pantyhose by a black one. In this case, I only need to find a jacket in that colour, and I am looking for two rings that look a bit like her wedding- and engagement rings. (Polyvore)

In Series five, a jeans-wearing Amy was quite rare (I believe I’ve only seen her wear jeans once, she was even wearing a skirt when she was ‘pregnant’ in Amy’s Choice). I just liked this outfit, and it’s easy and something I would actually wear in real life (except maybe for the cowboy boots). I already have a pair of fingerless gloves (though not with the thumb still attached), and I’ll only need a red scarf and a jacket that looks a bit like the one she’s wearing. (Polyvore)


Then there’s her Impossible Astronaut/Flesh Avatar outfit. This is the outfit the Flesh Amy (aka not the real Amy) wore during S6. Okay, maybe she wore a different outfit during Curse of the Black Spot (but that was because that episode was supposed to happen AFTER  A Good Man Goes To War, apparently), but hey, let’s not talk about that. A while ago, I found a shirt that looked almost exactly like the one she’s wearing on the picture. The only thing was that my shirt had shorter sleeves than hers. Add a pair of normal jeans to it (and fold the bottoms up a bit), and add some brown shoes (I am not very fond of the shoes she’s wearing with this outfit, so I might just go and wear my vans with it), put some tally marks on your arms and face and voila, you’re Amelia Pond! (Polyvore)

When I saw pictures of the Angels Take Manhattan being filmed, I fell in love with Amy’s outfit. It’s very simple, and I just really like the coat (it looks very comfy and warm to me). A while later, I found a coat that looked almost exactly like hers, except it is a bit too long. I might get it shortened, and get some matching shoes (I do have a pair of black shoes that look a lot like the ones she’s wearing, except hers are brown). (Polyvore)

And then my favourite Amy outfit, I think. I just really love the oversized jumper, and I was delighted when I found out where you could buy it (hint, American Apparel). It was quite expensive, but hey, I got an amazing jumper in return, and an original Amy Pond piece (it is the exact same as on the show). I wore this outfit during last year’s Doctor Who fanday, and though there was another girl dressed in the same outfit (there were four Amy’s) I had a lot of fun! My Converse shoes aren’t the same colour as hers, and mine are the short version, while she’s wearing the high version, but hey, you can’t have everything exactly the same! (Polyvore)


And the last Amy Pond outfit on my list. I just really like the coloured pantyhose she’s wearing, though they would probably never sell this colour in shops in my town. I did find it difficult to find a matching shirt to the one she’s wearing, but I think that you can manage with just any shirt with a nice design on it. I already own a denim skirt and jacket, so that’s another outfit nearly done! (Polyvore)

For next year’s HobbitCon, I was thinking about going as a simple version of Legolas (you know, brown pantyhose, green dress, not too many layers and difficulty), but then I decided to add a Hobbit girl costume to the list. I decided to go for a (mustard) yellow skirt and a green bodice, just like on the picture (I was so happy when I found that one). The only problem is that I can’t sew a thing, so I am going to ask my grandmother if she can help me with it. Hopefully it won’t be too hard! Of course, Hobbits don’t wear shoes, but I am not planning on running around on bare feet, I am going to wear some shoes, but I’m going to look for flats that are a bit skin coloured (or easy to paint, so I can paint them to match my skin colour). And I am not going to bother with the hair on my feet or hobbit ears (cuz my hair will cover my ears), because the skirt is probably going to be so long that you can’t even see my feet (and according to my friend Tanja, wearing hobbitfeet is extremely annoying!). (Polyvore)

And then I want to cosplay Luna. Though I am not a Ravenclaw myself, and I would probably feel weird wearing a Ravenclaw tie (Slytherin through and through), I still want to cosplay her, because I just LOVE Luna. Besides, I’ve got her wand, so that is one item done. I will probably make her Butterbeer Cork necklace myself, and I’ve already got a Hogwarts uniform outfit ready (except for the house colours on the cardigan then, but I’m not going to bother with that). And of course I’ll go for a Slytherin cosplay as well, as soon as I’ve got my Slytherin tie. (Polyvore)

And that’s my Cosplay wishlist done. I might go and make some pictures of me in my cosplay outfits soon, and I might even post them on my blog!