So I haven’t been blogging or reading a lot these past couple of days, and I have a reason for that.

On Saturday, my sister and her boyfriend celebrated their birthdays. They had hired a slush machine for their party, and we spend the night drinking slushies with vodka (one of the best inventions ever). The next day I kinda spend the entire day in bed, reading a bit (but not much) and kinda cleaning my room, because I had someone coming over the next day.

On Monday, a friend of mine came over for a couple of days, and we decided to go to Amsterdam on the same day. My sisters and a friend of my friends went along, and we had quite a lot of fun. Of course, like I always do when I go to Amsterdam, we went to the American Book Center, where I bought Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. I was actually looking for the Lord of the Rings, either the complete book, or the three books in a boxset. They had one at ABC but it was big and expensive. So we went to the Waterstones, which was really close to the ABC, and there I bought The Way Through the Woods, a Doctor Who book by Una McCormack; and some Jelly Babies. Again, they only had an expensive (but incredibly pretty) version of LOTR. So I decided to just go to the Book Depository, and order the boxset of LOTR there (haven’t done that yet, but I will soon)

We also went to the Marks & Spencer, where I bought Hula Hoops (or well, they call them “Ready Salted Potato Rings”). I think M&S is going to become one of my new favourite shops.


Then, as we were walking through the city, and we met a man with a nine-week-old Pug (awwwwww), my friend and I decided that we wanted to go to Monster’s Inc. 2 that night. We went to the nearest Pathé in Amsterdam so I could buy myself a Pathé Unlimited Card (finally!) and then we went home, ate something at McDonalds and eventually, we decided to go to Now You See Me instead. Monster’s Inc. was only showing in the afternoon, and only in Dutch, so that wasn’t going to be an option.

So we booked our tickets for Now You See Me (yes you still need to book tickets with a card, because they need to know how many people are visiting the movie of course), and we went to Haarlem, which is where the nearest Pathé cinema is for me. And oh my god, Now You See Me is an AWESOME movie!

After the movie, we agreed that we’d go and see another movie the day after, and we went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, and that was an awesome movie as well. I did have my doubts about it, because I didn’t enjoy the first one, because it wasn’t true to the book at all, but this movie was a little more true to the book, and even more awesome than the first!

On Friday, I’m going to see the Mortal Instruments with another friend, and I can’t wait!