Non-fiction books

Inspired by Wendy from Wensend and her post about cookbooks, I decided to make a post about non-fiction books, the ones that I own at least.

I’m not really a fan of non-fiction books, unless they’re about something I like, but there are certain books that I really like. I have a couple of photography books, because I like looking at pictures, and I love photography a lot. I also like books about my fandoms (namely Doctor Who and Harry Potter), so I’ve gotten a couple of those. In this post I will share some pictures of my (favourite) non-fiction books!

As you can see on the picture, I’ve got more fandom non-fiction book than non-fandom, and a lot of Harry Potter related books, but I just really love Harry Potter. These are the books in order from top to bottom: The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide, The World of the Hunger Games, The Lexicon (HP), The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, The Ultimate Monster Guide (Doctor Who), Harry Potter pop-up book, HP Film Wizardry; Sushi and Sashimi (cookbook), Digitale Fotografie in de praktijk (Dutch photography book), Het aanzien van 1992 (book about my birthyear), Always the Hard Way (photography book).


These pictures are all from the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book. This is my favourite book (out of the HP ones at least). It has some awesome stuff in it, like the Marauders Map, a Hogwarts acceptance letter (adressed to Harry though, it would have been more awesome it you could have filled in your own name), stickers, little things you can fold into boxes (I think, I haven’t gotten them out yet, I’m too scared to lose them). I would love to get the Page to Screen book, which probably has even more information and more nice stuff, but it’s quite expensive (this one was too, but the PtS is even more expensive).. Oh well, some day I’ll have it!


On the first picture of this set, you can see my other fandom books. Both the Hunger Games books just have some awesome pictures, some interviews with the cast and crew and some information about the movie. The two Harry Potter books are basically more information about the series. The Lexicon gives you more information about a lot of things from the books, and the Magical World of HP gives you answers to some questions, most of which I haven’t read yet, but I like what I’ve read so far.

The Doctor Who book is like a Lexicon, but it’s about all the monsters from both New and Classic Who, like the Empty Child which is the ‘monster’ you are seeing on the page. Unfortunately, this was printed before Matt Smith became the Doctor, so it’s missing some new monsters, though I hope they’ll add that to a new version of this book. Of course, the Daleks have about fifty (or more) pages with information about them, which I like, because I actually like the Daleks.

On the third picture, you see the other non-fandom books, and a Harry Potter pop-up book that I once got for my birthday. The book at the bottom is the photography book that I got for Christmas, with a lot of beautiful pictures of both national (Dutch) and international artists. The other two books are a book about digital photography, and a book about all the things that have happened in my birth year, 1992.

And on the last picture, there are two cookbooks. I think the sushi book is my sister’s, but it was in my room so I just put it on my shelf. The other one is the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook, with a lot of recipes from dishes in the books. I have to say I haven’t tried one yet, because I am not really a fan of cooking, but I am probably going to try some soon (and I’ll make pictures of them of course).