It’s almost the end of a decade. In a little over a month we’re going to be heading into 2020, the start of a new decade. Wow. So today I am going to talk about ten changes that happened in my reading life in the past ten years. I have five things I started doing, and five things I stopped doing. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme organised by That Artsy Reader Girl.

1) I started listening to audiobooks

I think I started my first audiobook in 2013, when I tried reading A Game of Thrones but couldn’t really get through the physical version. I still didn’t like the audiobook very much (ended up going back to the physical version after that, but honestly it was just the book I didn’t like in the end), but it did kind of start my love for audiobooks. Having a book read to you instead of having to read it yourself was a great discovery. I now have a subscription with Scribd and listen to at least one or two audiobooks a month (more if I’m doing a readathon).

And yes, audiobooks count as having read the book, no matter what anyone else says.

2) Got a Kindle to read ebooks on

I have had an ereader for a while before getting a Kindle, but my main problem was that I had a lot of Kindle books that I could only read on my phone. So I ended up getting a Kindle (or, well, my dad got me one) and now I have the problem that I buy way to many ebooks on Amazon. *shrugs*

3) Started buddy reading books

This is a fairly recent thing, but I started buddy reading a couple of books with some friends. We’ve been reading the Spellslinger series by Sebastien de Castell which was a lot of fun, and we’re starting a buddy read of the Grisha books as well (after all the excitement due to the TV series and the cast announcement).

I love reading the same book at the same time and talking to each other about it. We’re going to be starting book 5 of the Spellslinger series in December!

4) Started reading more Graphic Novels

I didn’t start watching Marvel movies ‘properly’ until Age of Ultron came out, and that was also the same time I started reading both Marvel comics and Graphic Novels in general. They are ideal, especially when  you’re doing a readathon where you have to read a lot of books in a month.

My favourites are GN adaptations of books I love (even though they’re never as amazing as the actual books, because yes they leave a lot of stuff out just like movie adaptations). And yes yes yes, Graphic Novels and comics 100% count towards your Goodreads goal, anyone who says they don’t are idiots.

5) Made my bookshelves into a rainbow

A lot of people hate these type of shelves, a lot of people love them. First I was very adamant that my books were in order of author’s last name, with series being together. Now, I like looking at my rainbow aesthetics (though at this very moment my shelves are one big mess). For me it’s easier to find a book based on the colour of the spine/cover than anything else. (The only books that don’t participate in the rainbow are my Harry Potter books, because I have separate shelves for them).

6) Stopped reviewing books

I know the whole purpose of being a book blogger is writing about books. But this year, and last year, I just have not felt like writing reviews. I felt like it took up way too much of my reading time, so I decided to just stop writing reviews (though I do want to pick it up again) and started rating books for my enjoyment of them.

7) Stopped reading the book before the movie

Sorry not sorry but I hate it when people are like ‘this movie sucks because it’s nothing like the book’. Because that’s the point. If you want the exact same story – reread the book. Stop judging movies because they missed out on a couple little details that no one cared about in the books. (Unpopular opinion: I really liked the Percy Jackson movies. They’re nothing like the books, sure, but they’re not the most horrible movies either).

I used to be one of those judgy people, but lately I don’t even bother reading the book before the movie, because who’s got time for that, right?

8) Stopped picking up books I know I won’t like

By this, I mean I won’t pick up a contemporary romance book or a book that I know involves a certain subject I don’t care about (recently it’s been Fae, among other subjects).

It makes my wallet a lot happier, it makes my brain a lot happier, it makes everyone a lot happier (because I don’t give a book a low rating because I didn’t like it). I mean ok sometimes I do read one of those books and end up liking it, but I try to at least not spend my money on them (i.e. audiobooks, or maybe just when the ebook is discounted on Amazon).

9) Stopped caring about other people’s ratings/reviews

Back in the day (this makes me sound old), I used to not pick up a book if someone I’m friends with gave it 2 stars or less. Even if the synopsis sounded interesting, my friend gave it a low rating so that means I won’t like it either.

A couple of years ago, I picked up a book that everyone seemed to dislike (can’t remember what it was, but there have been plenty in the past years) and I loved it. So basically, I’m just going to read books I’m interested in, not other people.

10) Stopped reading books I don’t like (DNF-ing)

Now this is a different thing than number 8. Sometimes I will pick up a book that is totally up my alley (sci-fi, fantasy, etc) but as soon as I start reading it I’ll feel like I won’t like this book.

Usually, I will read on to page 100 and if it’s not picked up for me by then, I will DNF it. (Unless something exciting happens on page 100 and the chapter ends with a cliffhanger). I feel so much better now that I DNF books!

These are my biggest changes in the past ten years, what are some of yours?