September is over, which means the spooky season is upon us! October! Yes! But first, it’s time to wrap up the month of September and share what I’ve read, what I’ve seen and what happened in my life.

Honestly, it wasn’t a great reading month for me. I wanted to participate in the Avatar the Last Airbender readathon, and I Was going to reread all Harry Potter books and annotate them during that readathon. After Prisoner of Azkaban, though, I didn’t very much feel like continuing so quickly. So I decided I was just going to slowly pick up the next book and work my way through annotating them in a couple of months instead of just one. Titles with * are rereads.


Philosopher’s Stone * | Chamber of Secrets * | Hawkeye and Mockingbird: Ghosts | Prisoner of Azkaban *
One Giant LeapHawkeye & Mockingbird/Black Widow: WidowmakerShadowblackThe Case for Jamie

Here you can see what I rated each book and read any reviews (if I wrote a review at all)

I finally continued my Marvel rewatch-a-thon. I decided I wanted to rewatch all Marvel movies and TV shows, and watch the ones I had never seen before. It didn’t go off on a great start, as I first wanted to randomly pick a TV series to watch and got one I didn’t love. As for the movies, the first couple of Marvel movies are not great. But luckily, we’re onto some real good ones now. Also, Netflix added Avatar the Last Airbender, FINALLY!

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse | The Nightmare Before Christmas * | Stranger Things S3E1&2 * | Daredevil
Agent Carter S1 * | X2 * | Hulk | Daredevil S1E1-9 *
Pokemon: The First Movie * | Avatar the Last Airbender S1E1-11 *



  • The first two days of September, I was still in Limburg at Viencon, which was honestly one of the best and most low-key conventions I went to. I went as Eleven for all three days and especially the Viencon-only swimming pool times were the best! I’ll definitely be going again next year!
  • I also went to see Anastasia, the musical. I was a slightly bit sad it was in Dutch, because I knew all the songs in English of course, but I definitely enjoyed it a lot! It also made me want to cosplay Anya again, and I spent quite some time looking for good wigs and just basically looking for the costume itself.
  • Then, some friends and I went to a Stranger Things party in Zaandam. It was at a bar that has these kind of theme parties more often every year. They also had sort of costume contest, which we won easily with our actual Stranger Things cosplays.
  • Disney+ came out in our country! I was already happy when I heard we would be getting the new streaming service first thing on 12 November, but then out of nowhere they announced the Netherlands was also going to be the trial country! I’ve been enjoying Disney+ for an entire month now, and it has good content already, I can tell you!
  • Some friends of mine and I decided to start a little ‘buddy read/book club’ on Discord. We already had a feature each month where we picked books for each other to read every month, but then we all wanted to read a certain series, and we decided to just do a big buddy read for each book in the series. We’re planning on doing more series now and I am so happy with all of this!

October is going to be quite a busy month. There is not one weekend where I have nothing to do at all, and of course the last weekend is going to be MCM Comic Con time! I think I have my line-up figured out, I just need to find most items of one of the cosplays, but then I am 100% (or maybe 90%) ready to go!

Want to Read: Charmcaster, Mr. Mercedes, Wayward Son, The Creeping Shadow, Bloodline, The Forbidden Wish, Sawkill Girls, Ninth House

Want to Watch: Maleficent 2, The Goldfinch, Countdown, Avatar the Last Airbender S2 + S3

And that concludes September! How was your month?