So. Well. Here we have another behind the scenes post… With pictures from the previous two months. I swear I will try to keep it up at this time… Anyway, here are the things that happened to me in March and April! They’re not really in order of whenever it happened, because my phone/computer decided to f things up a bit and things aren’t really sorted by date anymore… Oh well…

1. Cuddles with the cutest boy! <3 2. I finally caught a shiny Natu! I tapped it and it started sparkling and I am so so happy! 3. We got some new pictures from MCM October and I am so in love! I have since decided to remake the majority of this cosplay, mainly the dress – with a nicer type of fabric. 4. Nearly finished with Mai’s outfit, yay! (And only after we finished this dress, did we find out she’s actually wearing a jumpsuit instead. This was less than a week before Dutch Comic Con, so I decided not to alter it then, but I will do that before wearing it a second time).

1. I was finally able to trade this shiny Moltres with myself! During the Moltres raid day, I caught both shinies with my second account and I had to wait so so long before I was able to trade it! 2. Another shiny Meltan! They decided to bring back the shiny Meltan event a while ago and I ended up catching two more shinies during this event. 3. They also added Smeargle, the last Pokémon we needed for the Jotho region. If you take an AR+ picture with any Pokémon, Smeargle can photobomb you and take over the moves from that Pokémon. 4. Hmmmmmmmmm pizza.

1. SHINY SANDSHREW! I’m so happy with this one! I had not expected to get this shiny. I don’t know which event this was, but yeah this was a great surprise! 2. I love how he’s sitting there with his paws crossed! 3. Nearly finished with the cardigan Mai wears over her jumpsuit (I still feel betrayed by the official artbook that did not clearly tell me it was not a dress). 4. Making some KNIVES. (This was before DCC decided to ban weapon props after the attack that happened in Utrecht).

1. Woop another shiny Pokémon! I got this literally a minute or so before the event ended, so I’m very happy! 2. Wow first time I’m using my own sewing machine in such a long time… And we nearly broke it… Ok no, there was this switch on the back and we were like ‘what does this do? *switches* *nothing happened* ok whatever’ and then the machine didn’t work anymore. So yeah, dumb and dumber were back at it again… 3. Finished my knives for Mai, though I never got the chance to bring them to a con… Next time! 4. Went to a High Tea with my sisters and grandma. It was very lovely but we were very very full afterwards.

1. I had this wig for Mai with the buns already attached but they were too loose and I ended up cutting them off the wig and making my own solution. It looks terrible but I mean it’s not like you can see it… XD 2. Went to La Cubanita with my mum and sister. They changed the menu a bit and they took off one of my favourite dishes *sad sigh* 3. My complete Mai cosplay! I am so happy, because I made this almost completely myself! I had a little bit of help from Tanja, but most of it was done by me! 4. Fire nation squad! Unfortunately, our Azula couldn’t make it, but we did get a bunch of compliments!

1. On day two of DCC we went as Link and Zelda, and I am still really happy with this cosplay! We met two girls who had the exact same costumes and we stood in the same place for a long time while people kept coming towards us for pictures. 2. My sister and I decided to order burgers from this place and oh my god they were delicious. I’m not usually a fan of burgers, but this one was delicious 3. Went out for Greek food with my family for my gran’s 80th birthday! 4. And the day after we went to see one of my country’s most famous comedians. It was an amazing show and I have never laughed this hard!

1. I’ve made maybe three or four different versions of Rey’s wristband, but I think/hope this one will be the final one. This time I made it from foam, which is hopefully going to stay on my wrist the whole day! 2. The OWLs readathon hadn’t even ended yet, but I was already committing myself to another readathon. The Avengers Readathon (which I’ve posted about) and of course I had to pick my favourite character, Scarlet Witch! 3. I had been dealing with a dull toothache for a couple of days already, but suddenly everything started hurting bad. I went to the dentist very soon after and ended up with an inflamed tooth. Yay. (Everything’s alright now, luckily) 4. Had sushi because I literally could not chew hard food at all. (And also because I wanted it).

1. When you have food and your cat suddenly decides he loves you a lot. 2. Went out for a beer tasting with my sisters and my sister’s boyfriend. We went to this place called De Biertuin (which literally translates to ‘The Beer Garden’). 3. This beer is great; I’ve had this before when I went to a beer festival and I just love the fruity taste. Also, it has a Triforce on it, so of course I had to love it! 4. Disney did not want to be disturbed.

1. Tanja and I went to see the new Hellboy movie and it was… not great. It could have been great, but honestly, I think it was a bit of a miss. The actors did their best, but that was about it, imo… 2. We had a little intruder in the kitchen! You can’t really see it on this picture, but she was very pregnant. (She has since had the kittens and is roaming outside once again… Which may not be such a good thing tbh). 3. I went to a Nintento themed party with Tanja and our friend Ken and I dressed up as Serena from Pokémon. I actually got recognised and someone wanted a picture with me, yay! 4. I may or may not have bought a thing… It’s a statue of Link and it was only €15!

1. FRIENDS! Tanja was as Link, Ken went as Joker from Persona5 (this character was recently added to Super Smash which is why he wore this costume). The party was amazing and I had a lot of fun! It’s definitely something I’d go to again! 2. The next day, my sister and her boyfriend gave a housewarming party. They had renovated their living room and kitchen and wanted to celebrate it. My parents gave them this huge fire bowl (is that even the right word? Lol) and of course everyone loved it. 3. Went to see Avengers Endgame and boy I have never been this nervous for a movie. When Deathly Hallows and the last Hobbit movie came out, I was not at all nervous because I knew what was going to happen, I knew who was going to die. This time, I had absolutely no idea and oh my god I sobbed through the last hour of the movie. 4. Nori did not want cuddles from his mum…

And that concludes March and April! I am already making a post for May and will post it sooner after the end of the month than this one, lol.