Pokémon Go? People still play that? I bet your ass they do. I started playing when it first came out in 2016 and I have not once stopped since. So because of that, I am going to redo this book tag that I first did in 2016, to not only celebrate PoGo (that’s what the cool kids call it ;)) existing and still going strong for 3 years, but also because I have no other content to talk about. The Pokémon Go Book Tag was created by Aentee from Read by Midnight!

Well this answer has not changed at all, because it’s still Harry Potter of course! And it’s still books like The Hunger Games and Divergent that got me back into reading in 2012. Though I have one series, or one author I should say, to add – because Leigh Bardugo’s writing made me fall in love with reading all over again. I just love her writing, her characters, her stories so so much!

I still don’t like classics that much, but I think we can count Harry Potter as a classic now, right? I mean it was published over 20 years ago (omg h o w). Also can Holes count as a classic? Because honestly while I did not love the book that much, I do love the movie a lot! I’m counting it! Oh and of course The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings will always have a special place in my heart.

Well honestly it’s not really something I lost interest in because it was everywhere (at the time), but I kind of lost interest in Nevernight by Jay Kristoff because of adult content. I am not a fan of sex scenes, and especially not when they’re described in detail. I might one day try this on audio, but for now I’m not really interested.

Another series I lost interest in is the Throne of Glass series. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to finish this series, but I am not going to try my hardest to finish it. I still haven’t read Tower of Dawn and while I do own both that book and Kingdom of Ash, I am not in a hurry to pick them up. I actually want to reread the other books first before continuing.

I’m going to mention one that is honestly quite obvious. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. In my opinion, when I read Fangirl, I felt like Simon Snow was the Harry Potter of that universe. There were so many similarities between the two, but honestly I didn’t mind at all. When Rainbow announced she was actually writing the Simon Snow book, I was a bit careful. And while I still felt it was similar to Harry Potter, I did also love it very much. In fact, I think Carry On is easily one of my favourite books of all time!

I own a beautiful hardcover edition of the Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. I have not read this at all because it is a chunky one. Series-wise, I still have not started A Series of Unfortunate Events, because it’s a long series. They’re middle grade, I know, but still. I do own all thirteen books, so I might just do a binge-read one month. Also the Discworld books, there are so many of them, I don’t even know where to start! I own the first one (The Colour of Magic) but I’m a little bit overwhelmed by everything (any tips, Discworld fans?)

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have kept me up at night more often than I’d like to admit. I think I read all three of their Illuminae files at night and I think I finished Obsidio at 5 am with tears streaming down my face. So good job, Amie & Jay!

For someone who keeps on saying she’s Aromantic, I do have a lot of OTPs and ships I love. Recently I’ve been falling back into a Percabeth hole, but I also just really love all the couples in Six of Crows. They are all my babies and I just want them to be happy OK?! Also I will defend Mal and Alina until I die.

Well I actually fly through audiobooks, since I listen to them at double speed. I can’t really think of a book that wasn’t an audiobook that I flew through, other than rereads because well – I’ve read them already so it’s easier to read through.

The Grishaverse, honestly give me all the spin-offs! I was happy with the book about Nikolai (and its sequel) and I heard there might be a third Six of Crows book and honestly I would read anything she writes in this world. Even if it’s just a story of Kaz and Inej doing mundane things (then again, they would never just do mundane things I mean come on).

Another ‘series’ I will never get tired of is Rick Riordan’s mythology universe. All of his books are somehow connected, and I definitely want more books written by him. Though his Rick Riordan Presents label is amazing too!

Oh boy, can I mention Leigh Bardugo’s adult debut? Because of course she’s not a debut author, but Ninth House is going to be her first adult novel. I am also very much looking forward to Tarnished are the Stars by Rosiee Thor, which is a book featuring an asexual/aromantic character and I am 100% UP FOR THOSE.

Well I think you may be able to guess it. I’ll give you a hint: her name starts with an L and ends with eigh Bardugo. Also Rick Riordan and any of his RR Presents books (though I still need to buy a couple that have been released previously, oops).

Many of my favourite books have gotten the label ‘over hyped’. I myself have called a couple of books over hyped. I guess you could say the new upcoming prequel for the Hunger Games, called The Balad of Songbirds and Snakes, is already being over hyped, but honestly I am still looking forward to it. It might be crap (like a certain eighth book I was super excited for when it was first announced), but I’m still going to read it!

Fourth Shades of London book, WHERE ARE YOU?! Yes it’s been two years since I posted the previous PoGo book tag, and I am still waiting. I fully understand it’s taking longer than anticipated, but honestly there has been no information about it whatsoever. I don’t remember the other three books at all anymore and will definitely have to reread them, but really I just want the story to be finished! Please Maureen, please.

I had heard super mixed things about Eragon. A lot of people love the series, a lot of people hate it. I personally had tried to read it before, but couldn’t get through it the first time. I also tried to watch the movie (which movie? there is no movie) which I also DNF-ed. Then, a couple of months ago I decided to pick up the audiobook. And I loved it! Though I have yet to pick up any of the other books (I kind of want to continue the audiobook route, but I’m not sure they’re on Scribd), I really liked the first book!

Those Shades of Magic collector’s editions are SO PRETTY. Unfortunately I still have not read the series (shame on me, I know), so I am not allowed to buy these collector’s editions, but oh they are so so pretty! Also for a collector’s edition that I do own, the Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom editions are b e a u t i f u l. I am so in love with these books, both on the inside and out.

And that concludes the Pokemon Go book tag! Do you still play the game? Have you played it in the past? Is anyone interested in a post about what changed since the game first got released?